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Because the ice-age glaciers did not reach the Mediterranean area, many plants failed to spread northward with the retreating ice as occurred throughout the rest of Europe. This has resulted in leaving many species unique to specific locations within this region.

The Mediterranean heat in the South of France is also the source of the perfume industry (with the town of Grasse being the "perfume capital of the world". The indigenous plants concentrate their oils as a protection againt the heat, providing the highly-scented nectar that results in hundreds of perfumed products.

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    Flowers (English) Fleurs (French) Latin
colordot   Adenostyles Leucophylla Adénostyle à feuilles blanches Adenostyles leucophylla; Cacalia leucophylla
colordot   Alpina Anemone Anémone des Alpes Pulsatilla alpina, Anemone alpina
colordot   Peacock Anemone Anémone des jardins Anemone hortensis
colordot   Peacock Anemone Anémone écarlate Anenone pavonina
colordot   Aphyllanthes Aphyllanthe de Montpellier Aphyllanthes monspeliensis
colordot   Asphodel, Common Asphodèle Asphodelus aestivus
colordot   Aster Sedifolius Aster Sedifolius Aster sedifolius
colordot   Broom, Cytisus Villosus Cytise à trois fleurs Cytisus villosus
colordot   Broom, Spanish Genêt d'Espagne Spartium junceum
colordot   Broomrape Orobanche crénelée Orobanche crenata, Orobanche alba
colordot   Bulbocodium Vernum Bulbocodium Vernum Bulbocodium vernum
colordot   Cade, Prickly Juniper Genévrier Cade Juniperus oxycedrus
colordot   Large-Flowered Calamint Calament à grandes fleurs Calamintha grandiflora
colordot   Evergreen Candytuft Ibéris toujours vert Iberis sempervirens
colordot   Seven-Leaf Cardamine Cardamine à sept feuilles Cardamine heptaphylla
colordot   Dark Catchfly Silène brun-verdâtre Silene fuscata
colordot   Italian Catchfly Silène d'italie Silene italica
colordot   Lesser Celandine Ficaire Ficaria verna
colordot   Centaury, Common Petite centaurée commune Centaurium erythraea
colordot   Chardon Bleu des Alpes Chardon Bleu des Alpes Eryngium alpinum
colordot   Chicory Chicorée sauvge Cichorium intybus
colordot   Grey-Leaved Cistus Ciste cotonneux Cistus albidus
colordot   Narrow-Leaved Cistus Ciste de Montpellier Cistus monspeliensis
colordot   Sage-Leaved Cistus Ciste à feuilles de Sauge Cistus salvifolius
colordot   Clary Sauge Salvia sclarea
colordot   Star Clover Trèfle étoilé Trifolium stellatum
colordot   Alpine Colombine Ancolie des Alpes Aquilegia alpina
colordot   Hollow Corydale Corydale à bulbe creux Corydalis cava
colordot   Cowslip Primevère officinale Primula veris
colordot   Autumn Crocus Colchique d'automne Colchicum autumnale
colordot   Crocus, Nudiflorus Crocus nudiflorus Crocus nudiflorus
colordot   Crocus, Versicolor Crocus versicolor Crocus versicolor
colordot   Curry Plant Immortelle Helichrysum stoechas
colordot   Daphne Verlottii Daphne Verlottii Daphne verlottii
colordot   Dead Nettle Lamier du Mont Gargano Lamium garganicum
colordot   Euphrasia Minima Euphraise naine Euphrasia minima
colordot   Bracken Fern Fougère Pteridium aquilinum
colordot   Woodland Fern Fougère Polypodium cambricum; P. australe; P. vulgare
colordot   Fire Thorn Buisson ardent Pyracantha coccinea
colordot   Beautiful Flax Lin de Narbonne Linum narbonense
colordot   Fritillaris Fritillaire Fritillaria
colordot   Common Fumitory Fumeterre Officinale Fumaria officinalis
colordot   Ramping Fumitory Fumeterre Grimpante Fumaria capreolata
colordot   Spotted Gentian Gentiane ponctuée Gentiana punctata
colordot   Gentianella Ciliata Gentiane ciliée Gentianella ciliata
colordot   Cranes-Bill Bloody Geranium Géranium Sanguin Geranium sanguineum
colordot   Dovesfoot Geranium Géranium à feuilles molles Geranium molle
colordot   Herb Robert Geranium Herbe-à-Robert Geranium robertianum
colordot   Nodosum Geranium Géranium noueux Geranium nodosum
colordot   Purple Herb Roberts Geranium Géranium pourpre Geranium robertianum purpureum
colordot   Storksbill Geranium Bec-de-grue Erodium cicutarium
colordot   Wood Cranesbill Geranium Géranium des bois Geranium sylvaticum
colordot   Giant Reed Canne de Provence, Roseau-à-Quenouille Arundo donax
colordot   Field Gladiolus Glaîeul italicus Gladiolus italicus
colordot   Gorse Ajonc Ulex eropaeus
colordot   Spanish Gorse Genêt d'Espagne Genista hispanica
colordot   Purple Gromwell Grémil Bleu Pourpre Buglossoides purpurocaerulea
colordot   Harebell Campanule à feuilles rondes Campanula rotundifolia
colordot   Broad-leaved Harebell Campanule rhomboïdale Campanula rhomboidalis
colordot   Tree Heath Bruyère Arborescente Erica arborea
colordot   Honeysuckle Chèvrefeuille des Baléares Lonicera implexa
colordot   Etruscan Honeysuckle Chèvrefeuille d'Etrurie Lonicera etrusca
colordot   Grape Hyacinth Muscari à grappe Muscari neglectum
colordot   Tassel Hyacinth Muscari à Toupet Muscari comosum
colordot   Iris Lutescens Petit Iris Iris lutescens
colordot   Iris, Pallida Iris Pallida Iris pallida
colordot   Stinking Iris Iris gigot Iris foetidissima
colordot   Wild Jasmine Jasmin Jasminum fruticans
colordot   Kaki, Parsimmon Plaqueminier Diospyros kaki
colordot   Knapweed, Brown-Rayed Centaurée de montagne; Centaurée jacée Centaurea jacea
colordot   Lavatera, Thuringiaca Lavatera thuringiaca Lavatera thuringiaca
colordot   Tree Lavatera Lavatera olbia Lavatera olbia
colordot   Lavender Flowers Lavande Lavendula
colordot   French Lavender Lavande à toupet (Lavande Stéchade) Lavendula stoechas
colordot   True Lavender Lavendula angustifolia
colordot   Common Houseleek Joubarbe des toits Sempervivum tectorum
colordot   Lentisc, Mastic Lentisque; Pistachier lentisque Pistacia lentiscus
colordot   Leuzia Conifera Leuzia Leuzia conifera
colordot   Liverwort Hépatique à Trois Lobes Hepatica triloba; Hepatica nobilis
colordot   Sacred Lotus Lotus sacré; Lotus des Indes Nelumbo nucifera
colordot   Love-in-a-Mist Nigelle Nigella damascena
colordot   Lungwort Pulmonaire officinale Pulmonaria officinalis
colordot   Common Mallow Mauve Sylvestre Malva sylvestris (M. erecta, M. mauritiana)
colordot   Field Marigold Souci des champs Calendula arvensis
colordot   Nicean Milkwort Polygala Polygala de Nice Polygala nicaeensis
colordot   Myosotis Alpestris Myosotis des Alpes Myosotis alpestris
colordot   Bee Orchid Orchis abeille Ophrys apifera; Ophrys scolopax; ssp. apiformis
colordot   Sombre Bee Orchid Ophrys fusca Ophrys fusca
colordot   Burnt Orchid Orchis brûlé Orchis ustulata
colordot   Early Purple Orchid Orchis mâle Orchis mascula (Subspecies: olbiensis)
colordot   Elder-flowered Orchid orchis à odeur de sureau Dactylorhiza sambucina
colordot   Fuchs Orchid Orchis de Fuchs Dactylorhiza fuchsii
colordot   Giant Orchid Orchis Géant Barlia robertiana
colordot   Green-Winged Orchid Orchis bouffon Orchis morio
colordot   Heart-Flowered Orchid Sérapias à languette Serapias cordigera
colordot   Long-Spurred Orchid Orchis à long éperon Orchis longicornu
colordot   Pyramidal Orchid Orchis pyramidal Anacamptis pyramidalis
colordot   Pea - Lathyrus Setifolius Gesse Lathyrus setifolius
colordot   Common Peony Pivoine Paeonia officinalis
colordot   Peony, Mascula Pivoine mâle Paeonia mascula
colordot   Peregrina Peony Pivoine de montagne Paeonia peregrina
colordot   Greater Periwinkle Pervenche, Grande Vinca major
colordot   Lesser Periwinkle Pervenche, Petite Vinca minor
colordot   Ameria Pink Oeillet arméria Dianthus armeria
colordot   Clusterhead Pink Oeillet des Chartreux Dianthus carthusianorum
colordot   Peacock-Eye Pink Oeillet oeil de paon Dianthus pavonius
colordot   Woodland Pink Oeillet sauvage Dianthus sylvestris
colordot   Poppy Coquelicot Papaver rhoeas
colordot   Potentilla Hirta Potentille rampante Potentilla hirta; P. reptans
colordot   Primrose Primevère acaule Primula vulgaris
colordot   Grey Ragwort Séneçon blanchâtre Senecio incanus
colordot   Blue-Spiked Rampion Raiponce à feuilles de bétoine Phyteuma betonicifolium
colordot   Rubigenous Rhododendron Laurier rose des Alpes Rhododendron Ferrugineux
colordot   White Rockrose Hélianthème des Apennins Helianthemum apenninum
colordot   Dog Rose Rosier des Chiens Rosa canina
colordot   Sandwort Moehringie ciliée Moehringie ciliata
colordot   Meadow Saxifrage Saxifrage granulée; Casse-pierre Saxifraga granulata
colordot   Securigera Securidaca Securigera Securidaca Securigera securidaca
colordot   Self-Heal Brunelle commune Prunella vulgaris
colordot   Serratula Serratule Serratula cichoracea
colordot   Smoke Tree Fustet; Arbre à perruque Cotinus coggygria
colordot   Alpine Soldanella Soldanelle des Alpes Soldanella alpina
colordot   Grey Field Speedwell Véronique luisante Veronica polita
colordot   Cypress Spurge Euphorbe Euphorbia cyparissias
colordot   Large Mediterranean Spurge Euphorbia characias Euphorbia characias
colordot   Spiny Spurge Euphorbe Euphorbia spinosa; E. acanthothamnos
colordot   Sun Spurge Euphorbe Réveille-Matin Euphorbia helioscopia
colordot   Autumn Squill Scille autumnalis Scilla autumnalis
colordot   Hyacinthoides Squill Scille hyacinthoides Scilla hyacinthoides
colordot   Peruviana Squill Scille Scilla peruviana
colordot   Spring Squill Scille printanière Scilla verna
colordot   Star of Bethlehem Ornithogale en ombelle Ornithogalum umbellatum
colordot   Common Stork's-Bill Erodium Bec-de-grue Erodium cicutarium
colordot   Strawberry Tree Arbousier Arbutus unedo
colordot   Globe Thistle Oursin Bleu Echinops ritro
colordot   Scotch Thistle Pêt d'âne d'Illyrie Onopordum illyricum
colordot   Wild Australis Tulip Tulipa Australis Tulipa australis
colordot   Narrow-Leaved Valerian Valériane angustifolius Centranthus angustifolius
colordot   Red Valerian Centranthe rouge Centranthus ruber
colordot   Kidney Vetch Anthyllis vulnéraire Anthyllis vulneraria
colordot   Milk Vetch Astragale de Montpellier Astragalus monspessulanus
colordot   Dog Violet Violette des Chiens Viola canina
colordot   Shrubby Violet Violette ligneuse Viola arborescens
colordot   Sweet Violet Violette Odorante Viola odorata
colordot   Rose-Bay Willowherb Epilobium angustifolium Epilobium angustifolium
colordot   Woad Pastel des teinturiers Isatis tinctoria