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Benva Chapel
 Benva Chapel photo benvachapel0003s.jpg (10 k) [area map] - This lovely little chapel sits in the woods beside the D50 road a couple of km west of Lorgues. The simple two-story building has a large covered porch with 16th-century frescos.

• Boscodon Abbey [area map] - 12th-century Dominican Abbey in the forest of the Haute Alpes, near the Lac de Serre Ponçon and Embrun.

• Chartreuse Durbon

Favas Chapel [Bargemon Area Map] -

• Fontenay Abbey [area map]

Ganagobie Monastery [Ganagobie Area Map] -

• Hilaire Abbey

Lagrasse Abbey [area map] - The Lagrasse Abbey, or Abbey of Saint Mary of Lagrasse, was founded in the 7th-century at the village of Lagrasse, between Carcassonne and Narbonne.

Lérins Abbey
 Lérins Abbey photo lerins-abbey0029s.jpg (7 k) [Lerins Islands Area Map] - 5th-century abbey, 11th-century Cistercian abbey (St Honorat Monastery) in the Alpes-Maritimes, off the coast of Cannes.

Mayran Chapel [area map] -

Notre-Dame Brue-Auriac [area map] -

• Notre-Dame de Valvert (Chapelle de)à Allos

• Notre-Dame des Fontaines (Chapelle)

Notre-Dame du Revest Chapel [area map]

Notre-Dame-Roquebrussanne [area map] - Medieval, above Roquebrussanne in the Var.

• Our Lady of the Annunciation

• Saint Cassien Hermitage

• Saint Eusèbe Abbey

Saint Ferreol Hermitage [area map] - On the Ligurian/Roman site beside Lorgues in the Var.

Saint Gilles Abbey
 Saint Gilles Abbey photo st-gilles-abbey0003s.jpg (7 k) [area map] - The Abbey of Saint Gilles is a Benedictine monastery located in the center of the old town of Saint Gilles, on the edge of the Camargue in the South of France.

Saint Jean-d'Orgerolles Chapel [area map] -

Saint Martin Chapel (Chapel Saint Martin) [area map] - The Saint Martin Chapel is an 11th-12th century Romanesque chapel ruins beside the village of St Victor-la-Coste. The remaining section of ruins of the stone chapel include the apse and most of the tall bell tower, still impressive after about a thousand years.

Saint Maximin Royal Convent [area map] -

Saint Paul-de-Mausole
 Saint Paul-de-Mausole photo stpaulmausole0056s.jpg (6 k) [area map] - 11th/12th century priory and monastery, and brief residence of Vincent Van Gogh

• Saint Pons Chapel

Saint Roman Abbey [area map] -

Sainte Roseline Chapel [area map]

Saint Sixte Chapel [area map] - Saint Sixte is a very picturesque 12th-century chapel sitting on a low, exposed hill just east of the village of Eygalières.

Saint-André Fort

• Sainte-Madeleine du Barroux

Salagon Priory (Prieuré de Salagon) [area map]

Senanque Abbey (Abbaye de Senanque)
 Senanque Abbey photo lavender-senanque0041s.jpg (9 k) [Gordes Area Map] - 12th-century Cistercian abbey in the Vaucluse, near Gordes. One of the "three sisters of Provence" ("les trois soeurs provençales") Cistercian abbeys.

Silvacane Abbey (Abbaye de Silvacane) [area map] - Former 12th-century Cistercian monastery in the Bouches-du-Rhône, northwest of Aix-en-Provence. One of the "three sisters of Provence" ("les trois soeurs provençales") Cistercian abbeys.

Thoronet Abbey [area map] - 12th-century Cistercian abbey in the Var, between Brignoles and Draguignan. One of the "three sisters of Provence" ("les trois soeurs provençales") Cistercian abbeys.

Le Trinité Chapel [area map] -

Val-de-Bénédiction Chartreuse

Verne Chartreuse [area map] - A large, ancient monastery hidden in the thick forests of the Maures mountains west of Saint Tropez.

• Vézelay Abbey [area map] - The Vézela abbey church and the hill are a World Heritage site.