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photo This page gives you a brief idea of the fabulous, and nearby, skiing available here in the Beyond country.

Maps icon Map [click] to open a map of the France Alpine ski resort areas. Then click the white dots on the map for ski station detail maps with hotel links.


These areas have good facilities for skiing and other mountain winter sports. The page for each area has the contact number for various Tourist bureaux and other related sources of information.

Luberon Mountains and Parc

Vallée de la Roya

Cross-Country Skiing

We've been cross-country skiing in the northern Alps, and the "cross-country" included an enormous amount of time slogging upwards and short slides back down again. In the southern Alps and Pre-Alps of the Beyond region, there are many plateaux where you'll get more "cross-country" than climbing. If you prefer the up-and-down method, however, there is plenty of choice in that area as well.

Some Cross-Country Ski Sites.