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This woodland fern, with fronds about 50 cm high, was photographed in a mountain forest by Le Fugeret in the Alpes-Maritimes.

Flowers. Apr-Aug

Leaves. Divided once. There are usually 14 or more pairs of narrow, toothed leaflets that taper towards the tips. Pteridium: divided 3-4 times
Spores in round heaps. Pteridium: in lines

Habitat. Woodland clearing or damp ground in the woods; shady rocks and crevices; river banks. The Polypodium australe is found below 1000 m altitude; the Polypodium vulgare grows at up to 2000 m altitude, and is common in the Mercantour.


Usually grows in very small areas, under a square meter. Pteridium: covering vast areas