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Beyond's History section brings you historical information about France, with a focus on items of particular interest to Provence. From the Popes who ruled the Catholic world from their Popes' Palace in Avignon to the Marquis de Sade with his less than saintly reputation.

Beyond's Napoleon page is now available in our People section.

Ages of Man (Humankind)

Fontbouisse Culture

Timeline (VI BC to IX AD)

Celtic-Ligurian (from about 1000 BC)


Dominici Affaire (murder mystery)

Gallic Rooster (le coc Gaulois)


Kings - of France


• Knights Templars • Knights Hospitalers


Oc Language

Pierre le Berger (ambush at Castellar)

The Plague (la peste)


Religion (wars and St.Bart's)

Restoration (kings and death)

French Revolution (the Bastille)

Roman (Augustus in Gallia)

Saracens (and Barbarians)

Vaudois (a violent end)

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