There is a whole world of sports unique to the Provence, Beyond country: Hiking, climbing mountains, descending into caves, leaping into space, fastened to a pair of wings or parachute or glider, floating down a river, in a canoe or kayak or raft, canyoning down without a boat. Not all the action is down on the coast.

The remote towns and villages, lacking the big-city entertainments, have frequent sporting events. Many of these are things better suited to the rural environment, such as mountain biking (VTT - vélo tout-terrain) and horseback riding.

Cycling (Vélo)

photo rafting - General information on cycling in the South of France.

Hang Gliding and Paragliding

photo hanggliding


- from trails through the Alpes to walks in Provence.
• GR Grande Randonées photo hanggliding
• Hiking Guidebooks




Skiing - cross-country and downhill photo rafting

Other Sports of Provence

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