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The major cities of Beyond will have some vegetarian restaurants, but the smaller towns and villages don't offer that possibility directly. Dining out may be in the village's only café, or in a small selection of family-style restaurants. All is not lost, however, as regional gastronomy includes cereals, cheeses ,a great selection of pastas and many vegetable dishes. Selective ordering should provide a pretty good vegetarian menu.

Our staff size of one unfortunately doesn't allow us to research possible vegetarian restaurants and continually ensure the accuracy of the information. If you have any suggestions for us, we will be happy to share it here with our readers.

We have included fish dishes in our suggestions, below, because of the many people we run across who avoid meat. We understand that true vegetarians do not eat seafood; please try not to be offended by our inclusion of aquatic words on this page.

A very kind email from Ronald Beirouti (of www.vegetarisme.org) has enlightened us on some of the vegetarian definitions.


Most of the salads listed on a menu are big enough to be a light meal in themselves and, at lunch time in particular, many people order only a salad. Only the smallest salad on the menu, a "salade verte" (lettuce) "salade mixte" (lettuce and tomatoes) is intended only as an hors d'oeuvre.



In a land of seafood, there are always fish dishes available. Some of the more popular ones of Provence include:


Pasta is served almost everywhere, and the Alpes-Maritimes especially has a heavy Italian influence, with its own style of course. Look for places that serve "fresh" pasta, made right there.