Beaucaire photo beaucaire0042s.jpg (7 k) Beaucaire — an ancient town on the banks of the Rhône, with a Medieval old town and a nearby troglodyte abbey carved into the rocks.
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Santons, Arles
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 Carcassonne photo carcassonne0001s.jpg (5 k) Fortified Villages
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 Pont du Gard photo pont-du-gard0008s.jpg (8 k) Pont du Gard – a three-level stone aqueduct crossing the Gardon river valley 25 km west of Avignon. Built over 2000 years ago by Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, the son-in-law of Augustus. Great to visit in the autumn, when the summer crowds are gone.

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 Uzès photo uzes0020s.jpg (7 k) Uzès — Uzès, once a Roman town; the 11th-c Duché castle, still with the original family. It's Place aux Herbes is a great Saturday market.

 Avignon photo avignon059s.jpg (7 k) Avignon — From a Roman town to the Palace of the Popes in the 14th century, Avignon is now a town of Festival, ponts, history, shopping and tourism.

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April in Provence

Springtime in Provence.

Limoux's 12th century Saint-Martin churchLimoux, south of Carcassonne, ends its annual Carnival season with celebrations the first week of April.

Horseback riders crossing the CamargueThe Camargue has the Spring bird migrations, making in a great time to visit the bird reservrs or take a jeep or horse tour, or just admire Stes-Maries-de-la-Mer.

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 Flamingo photo flamingo0079s.jpg (11 k) Greater Flamingo (Flamant rose) — The Greater Flamingo (Flamant rose) — is beautiful in flight.

 Saint Gilles photo st-gilles0053s.jpg (11 k) St Gilles — in the center of this small town on the edge of the Camargue, west of Arles, is a 12th-c Abbey with the Crypt of St Gilles, a Romanesque museum and a canal-side marina.

 Remoulins photo remoulins0017s.jpg (11 k) Remoulins — a small town beside the Pont du Gard. Its Medieval old village has remnants of fortified walls, towers and a 12th century church,.

 Vézénobres photo vezenobres0003s.jpg (11 k) Vézénobres — a lovely Medieval perched village with narrow cobblestone streets, ancient houses, vaulted passages, stone walls and a tall clock tower.