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Chateaux, Forts, Fortifications

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Some of our Chateaux Forts and Fortresses of Provence.

Beaucaire Castle

Medieval fortress site on the hilltop at Beaucaire, beside the Rhône opposite Tarascon. Ruins include intact towers and ramparts, with outstanding view of the Rhône valley.

Buoux Fort

The magnificent ruins of the Fort de Buoux are on top of a high stone butte in the Luberon mountains, about 10 km south of Apt and 8 km east of Bonnieux, overlooking the deep ravines of the Aigue Brun river.

Châteaurenard Castle

An iconic fortified Medieval château standing above the small town of Châteaurenard, 5 km south of Avignon. The castle is said to date from the 13th and the 15th centuries.

Javon Chateau

This picturesque 16th-century Renaissance chateau sits beside the road in a clearing of the Vaucluse Forest, with such a feudal air that it invokes the image of knights.

Chateau de Portes

The boat-shaped Chateau de Portes sits on the edge of the Cévennes at the "Col de Portes", guarding the ancient Voie Regordane since the 11th century

Saint-André Fort

A medieval walled fortress built on a hilltop beside Villeneuve-les-Avignon, directly across the Rhône from Avignon. The fortress was built in the 12th century, surrounding the Abbey of Saint-André which had been there since the 10th century.

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