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• Agel Mountan

Alpilles (Les Alpilles) [area map] - This chain of limestone hills running east-west is where bauxite was first discovered (named after the village of Baux-de-Provence). The Alpilles are an extension of the Luberon mountains, which stretch out to the east.
Although the ridge along the top seems white and barren, the Alpilles have been rich in almonds, apricot, olives and grain since the middle ages. The steep slopes were terraced, and the trees and grains were planted because of their adaptability to the arid conditions.

• Aspin Pass [r06, SE] - Tour de France 2006

• Bego Mountain

• Braus Pass [q15, NE]

• Couillole Pass

Demoiselles Coiffées [area map]

Dentelles-de-Montmirail [area map]

• Esterel Mountains [r15, NW]

• Izoard Pass [n15, N]

• Lautaret Pass [5e, N]

• Leques Pass

Luberon Mountains, Park [area map]

Murs Pass (Col de Murs) [area map]

• Perdu Mountain [area map]

• Peyresourde Pass [6b, SE] - Tour de France 2006

• Portillon Pass - Tour de France 2006

Roquebrune Rocks (Rocher du Roquebrune) [area map]

• Saint Jean Pass

• Tourmalet Pass [r06, S] - Tour de France 2006

• Turini Pass [p15]

Ventoux Mountain (Mont Ventoux) [area map]