Samuel Beckett Writer & Poet Paris, Roussillon
Dirk Bogarde Movie Actor & Writer Lived near Grasse
Paul Cézanne Painter Aix-en-Provence, Paris
Charles Goodyear Inventor Using very low-cost lodgings
Ernest Hemingway Writer Passing through Paris
James Joyce Writer Lived in Bandol and Vence
D. H. Lawrence Writer Passing through Paris
Frédérick Mistral Poet and writer
Napoleon Emperor of the French
Nostradamus Physician and astrologer
Henri Pitot Engineer, Inventor
Sade Writer
Saint Honoratus Hermit, Saint
Robert Lewis Stevenson Novelist, poet, travel writer Cévennes, Menton, Hyeres, Paris
Vincent Van Gogh Painter Paris, Arles, St Rémy-de-Provence

Paris is as famous for the People who have passed through as it is for its sites and monuments. The people passing through Paris have been voyages geographically, like Charles Lindbergh, Duke Ellington, Thomas Jefferson and Ernest Hemingway. Other famous Parisiens have passed through only in time, like Pierre Curie, the discoverer of pizo-electricity, born here. Marie Curie, discoverer of radium, is also considered a Parisienne, although she was actually born in Warsaw.

France and Paris People

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Samuel Beckett (writer, poet)
• John Adams (statesmen)
• Sherwood Anderson (writer)
• Louis Armstrong (musician)
• Josephine Baker (entertainer)
• Sylvia Beach (poet)
Dirk Bogarde (entertainer & writer)
• Art Buchwald (journalist)
• Alexander Calder (sculptor)
Paul Cézanne (painter)
• William "Buffalo Bill" Cody (entertainer)
• Marie Curie (Nobel prize 1903, 1911)
• Pierre Curie (discovered piezo electricity, 1908)
• Isadora Duncan (entertainer)
• Thomas Edison (inventer)
• T. S. Eliot (poet)
• Ralph Waldo Emerson (poet)
• Duke Ellington (musician)
• William Faulkner (writer)
• F. Scott Fitzgerald (writer)
• Benjamin Franklin (statesmen)
• Ulysses S. Grant (statesmen)
Ernest Hemingway (writer)
• Houdini (entertainer)
• Thomas Jefferson (statesmen)
• John Paul Jones (military)
James Joyce (writer)
• John F. Kennedy (statesmen)
• Jack Kerouac (writer)
• Charles Lindbergh (voyager)
• Martin Luther King (clergyman)
• Herman Melville (writer)
• Henry Miller (writer)
• Amelie Poulain (movie character)
• Gertrude Stein (poet)
• John Steinbeck (writer)
Robert Lewis Stevenson (writer, poet)
• James Thurber (writer)
• Mark Twain (writer)
• Thomas Wolfe (writer)
Vincent Van Gogh (painter)

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