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Calanques inlets photo

Calanques [area map] - The calanques are deep narrow inlets, sort of Provencal fiords, in the rocky cliffs along the coast between Cassis and Marseilles.

Calern Plateau (Plaine de Calern) [area map] - The Plateau de Calern, located 12 crow-flying miles north of Grasse, is an 8-km wide plateau of calcaire rocks, wildflower, grazing sheep, eagles, and trails.

Camargue [area map] - Marshy fields of black bulls, white horses, Provencal cowboys, pink flamingos and migratory birds.

• Canjuers Plateau [q14]

Caussols Plateau (Plateau de Caussols) [area map]

• Ecrins National Park

Géoparc de Haute-Provence [area map]

Mercantour National Park [area map] - This beautifully rugged national park is only an hour's drive from Nice, yet it's another world. If the beautiful mountain streams and lakes set in the valleys of 3000m-high mountains don't make you feel apart from civilization, a hike through the Vallée des Merveilles with 100,000 bronze-age rock engravings might do it.

• Queyras

• Serre Chevalier [m15, SW]

• Vaucluse Plateau