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 Adrets Dolmen photo adrets-dolmen-ne0007s.jpg (11 k)

Adrets Dolmen

Three dolmens in the hills near Brignoles and Le Val (Var).

 Barry troglodyte village photo barry007s.jpg (11 k)

Barry troglodyte village

This ancient troglodyte village is very picturesque and historically interesting, inhabited continuously from the Neolithic until the early 20th century.

 Boussière Dolmen photo boussiere-dolmen0017s.jpg (15.384 k)

Boussière Dolmen

A small Neolithic dolmen without capstone, in the hills east of the Var village of Cabasse.

 Causse Oppidum photo causse-oppidum0015s.jpg (8 k)

Causse Oppidum

Chacolithic period habitation site in the Languedoc-Roussillon. This site bridged the European Copper, Bronze and Iron ages and is also known as the Rocher du Causse.

 Coulet Menhir photo coulet-menhir0005s.jpg (11.288 k)

Le Coulet Menhir

The Le Coulet Menhirs are a grouping of four Neolithic standing stones on the Causse du Larzac, south of the Cirque de Navacelles.


Megalithic tomb structures of of stone walls and stone table.

 Ferrussac Dolmen photo ferrussac1dolmen0008s.jpg (11.288 k)

Ferrussac Dolmen

A pair of Neolithic dolmens, one with two layers and a complex entry, on the Causse du Larzac, a limestone plateau housing thousands of Neolithic megaliths.

 Gastée Dolmen photo gastee-dolmen0022s.jpg (11.288 k)

Gastée Dolmen

A Neolithic dolmen in the hills a couple of km east of the Var village of Cabasse.

 Lèque Menhir photo leque-menhir0002s.jpg (11 k)

Le Leque Menhir

The menhir of Le Leque, locally called Le Pierre Planée is a 5.6 m (18 ft) tall standing stone, located in a remote area of garrigue about 3 km east to the little hamlet of Le Lèque, in the commune of Lussan.


Ancient megalithic standing stones.

 Nages Oppidum photo nages-oppidum0046s.jpg (11.288 k)

Nages Oppidum

A large, complex pre-Roman defensive site on the hill beside Nages-et-Solorgues, on the plains southwest of Nîmes.

 Prunarede Dolmen photo prunarede-dolmen0012s.jpg (11.288 k)

Prunarede Dolmen

A nice example of a Neolithic burial dolmen, in the scrub lands past a local bergerie.

 Riens Dolmen photo riens-dolmen0001s.jpg (11.288 k)

Riens Dolmen

A nicely structured dolmen (but missing the capstone) close to Mons village, in the northeast corner of the Var.

 Terriers Menhirs photo terriers0044s.jpg (13 k)

Terriers Menhirs

This group of 9 small Neolithic menhirs are located in the Maures hills, south of Draguignan and Les Arcs.