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Adrets Dolmen [area map] - Three dolmens in the hills near Brignoles and Le Val (Var).

Barry troglodyte village [area map] - Sitting on a forested hill in the northwestern-most corner of the Vaucluse is an ancient troglodyte village that's very picturesque and historically interesting: it was inhabited continuously from the Neolithic until the early 20th century.

Boussière Dolmen [q14, S] - A small Neolithic dolmen without capstone, in the hills east of the Var village of Cabasse.

Causse Oppidum [area map] - Chacolithic period habitation site in the Languedoc-Roussillon.

Le Coulet Menhir [q11, NW] - Four Neolithic standing stones on the Causse du Larzac.

Dolmen - Megalithic tomb structures of of stone walls and stone table.

Ferrussac Dolmen [q11, NW] - A pair of Neolithic dolmens, one with two layers and a complex entry.

Gastée Dolmen [q14, S] - A Neolithic dolmen in the hills a couple of km east of the Var village of Cabasse.

Le Leque Menhir [area map] - The menhir of Le Leque, locally called Le Pierre Planée is a 5.6 m (18 ft) tall standing stone, located in a remote area of garrigue about 3 km east to the little hamlet of Le Lèque (in the commune of Lussan).

Megalith - Megalithic tomb structures of of stone walls and stone table.

Menhir - Ancient megalithic standing stones.

Nages Oppidum [q11, NE] - A large, complex pre-Roman defensive site on the hill beside Nages-et-Solorgues, on the plains southwest of Nîmes.

Prunarede Dolmen [q11, NW] - A nice example of a Neolithic burial dolmen, in the scrub lands past a local bergerie.

Riens Dolmen [q14, NE] - A nicely structured dolmen (but missing the capstone) close to Mons village, in the northeast corner of the Var.

Terriers Menhirs [q14, SE] - This group of 9 small Neolithic menhirs are located in the Maures hills, south of Draguignan and Les Arcs.

Tumulus - Megalithic tomb structures of of stone walls and stone table.

Verdon Museum of Prehistory (Musée de la Préhistoire des Gorges du Verdon) [area map]