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Argens-Minervois [47 km] A very small, Medieval village perched beside the Canal du Midi; ruins of an old chateauand a very pretty church.

Carcassonne [0 km] This famous Medieval walled town is as great to see as its reputation. UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Carcassonne Town [0 km] This famous Medieval walled town is as great to see as its reputation. UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Castelnaudary [38 km] This ancient market town is the capital of cassoulet stew; a large basin and the locks of the Canal du Midi here give it a seaside feeling.

Caunes-Minervois [22 km] An ancient village with ab 8th-c abbey; Medieval old-town with narrow streets and ancient houses, fountains, lavoirs; several very good restaurants.

Couiza [42 km] A small town 40 km south of Carcassonne in the hills where Cathar castles abound.

Fontfroid Abbey [58 km] A great 12th-c Cistercian monastery in the eastern Pyrénées; with a magnificent church and a beautiful cloister.

Homps [33 km] A very small village, and very lovely area of the Canal du Midi.

Lagrasse [36 km] Medieval fortified village, picturesque with stone bridges and an ancient and active Abbey; good restaurants. A "Plus Beaux Villages de France".

Lastours [19 km] Tiny village and the site of 4 ruined 12th-c castles from the Visigoth and Cathar wars.

Lézignan-Corbières [38 km] An active market town between Carcassonne and Narbonne.

Limoux [26 km] A large town on the Aude, with ancient sites, lovely center with many events, wonderful Automats museum and piano museum; and a bubbly wine.

Narbonne [63 km] A very interesting and lovely town, full of ancient sites, Medieval palaces, Roman artifacts and a pretty canal; too much for only one day.

Quillan [53 km] A town on the Aude south of Limoux with shopping possibilities and a collection of cafés and restaurants.

La Redorte [27 km] The old village part has narrow streets and an old church with a tall bell-tower steeple; an active port on the Canal du Midi.

Rennes-le-Chateau [46 km] A small Medieval village perched overlooking Couiza and the Aude valley; an ancient church and a mystery-mystical history.

Saint Hilaire [17 km] Small village famous for the Abbaye de Saint-Hilaire in the town center.

Trèbes [8 km] A small town just east of Carcassonne, popular as a port facility on the Canal du Midi; cafés, restaurants, small shops.