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• Gard (30260)   • Population: 489  • Altitude: 165 m

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Corconne is medieval village nestled at the edge of forested hills 30 km north of Montpellier, in a land of vineyards and olive groves.

Corconne is a pleasant enough little village, but doesn't have any particular interesting attractions for tourists. We went there for the hiking in the hills to the north, and enjoyed very much our walk around the old streets of the village.

Olive Oil

Corconne had two olive-oil mills working from the 17th century up to 1914. Although the mills are now gone, the village still hosts a Fête de l'Olive on the 2nd Sunday of every December.

The old mills are gone, but there is an Auberge du Moulin à Huile in the village, probably at the site of one of the mills.

Chateau of Corconne

On top of the cliffs overlooking Corconne village are the ruins of a 12th-century fortified castle. The immensely thick walls of the castle remains, along with its position perched on the edge of the cliff, takes a visitor's imagination back to 1627 when the Duke of Rohan captured it. The Duke was forced to abandon the castle on the immanent arrival of the Catholic troupes of the Marechal d'Estrées.

Inside the fortified courtyard of the castle, the remaining building is the ancient Chapel. The thick walls of the chapel, though, derive from its originally designed purpose as the guard house of the castle.


• GPS: 43.871987, 3.940429


IGN (1/25,000) #2742 ET "Ganges, St-Martin-de-Londres, Pic St-Loup"

There's an excellent 3-hour loop hike from Corconne village, described on our Corconne Hike page. The nearest other loop hike is a bit further north, looping south from the village of Sauve.


Chez Mimi (aka Les Platanes), a café-restaurant at the eastern edge of the village, has a standard menu and outdoor terrace [Photo-05]. It seems to be popular with motorcyclists (as well as others).


Vidourle and Quissac Itinerary

A 52-km circuit for bicycle, car or motorcycle, about 20 km north of Sommières, making a loop of picturesque little villages in the hills and vineyards on both sides of the Vidourle valley. Visits: Quissac, Liouc, Corconne, Brouzet-les-Quissac, Carnas, Sérignac, Cannes-et-Clairan, Montmirat, Saint Théodorit, Bragassargues, and back to Quissac.

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