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Herbs and Spices of Provence

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Herbes de Provence, famous world-wide, add flavor to the Beyond region. Rosemary (romarin), sage (sauge), origan (origan), marjoram (marjolaine) and savory (sarriette) are used alone or in different mixtures together to give Provençal cooking its unique taste and smell. A typical jar of Herbes de Provence lists " savory , rosemary (romarin), (serpolet), marjoram (marjolaine), origan (origan), (basilic), thyme (thym) in variable proportions".

Some of these plants, such and rosemary and thyme, grow so abundantly that they are almost always present in even the most remote areas, adding fragrance to hikes thorough the hills.

A few pots growing on the kitchen window sill provide instant fresh herbs for cooking, and the plants strategically located around the outdoor barbeque provide handfuls of flavoring to be thrown directly onto the sizzling steaks and chops.

The herbs of Provence, dried and mixed together in small cloth sacks for sale in gift shops and grocery stores, are popular with tourists and visitors, allowing them to take some of the flavor of the region home with them. The small sacks add a lovely fragrance in kitchens and closets.

angelic angélique
dill aneth
anise anis étoilé (badiane)
basil basilic
nasturtium capucine
caraway carvi
celery céleri
garlic ail
chervil cerfeuil
scallion; welsh onion ciboule
chives ciboulette
coriander coriandre
chervil cerfeuil
cumin cumin
tarragon estragon
dill fenouil
juniper; gin; geneva genièvre (genévrier)
geranium géranium odorant
laurel laurier
lavender (in flora) lavande
marjoram marjolaine
melissa; lemon balm mélisse
mint menthe
onion oignon
origan origan
parsley persil
rosemary romarin
saffron safran
savory sarriette
sage sauge
thyme thym
vervain verveine

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