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• Hérault (34160)   • Population: 200  • Altitude: 70 m

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Buzignargues is a small village in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France, surrounded mostly by vineyards. It's a working village of ancient stone construction, without commerce or café.

The small village church isn't grand, but it is 11th century. The "flat-style" belfry houses a bell made in 1607. The interest for is was the ancient, and very faded, sundial (cadran solaire) directly beneath a more modern (but not digital) clock.

You wouldn't come here as a tourist destination, but we stayed a week in a gite next door to Buzignargues to explore this part of Languedoc-Roussillon and quite enjoyed it.

The 19th-century multi-arched stone bridge crossing the Bénovie at the entrance to the village is very nice, but you don't have a good view of it without walking down to the river bed for a look, as we did.

History of Buzignargues

Prehistoric: Prehistoric sites were discovered at the Pont de Buzignargues (the arched bridge at entrance to the village), Les Tourelles (a hilltop 2 km to the northwest) and Font de Duca. La Liquière was the site of a prehistoric tumulus and a necropole. At Le Grand Devès (in the hills 1.5 km northwest) was a necropole and tombs of lauze.


• GPS: 43.770402, 4.005113


IGN (1/25,000) #2842 O "Sommières"

We hiked on mostly forestry roads and some trails north and northwest of Buzignargues. Trails run through the garrigue with pine and oak. Frequent vineyards, of course, and some remote enclosures of the black Camargue bulls.

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