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Islands in Provence range from Mediterranean sites with abbeys, villages or naturist colonies to wee dots in picturesque little lakes.

Hyères Islands

The Golden Isles (Iles d'Or) are three islands off the coast of the Var department, east of Toulon. The name "golden" is said to have been bestowed on them during the Renaissance, because of the light reflected from the golden-brown mica shale.

Lerins Islands

The Iles de Lerins is a small archipelago just off the coast of Cannes and part of the commune of Cannes. The archipelago has the two main islands of Sainte-Marguerite and Saint-Honorat and the two micro-islands of Tradelière and St-Fereol.

Levant Island

This small forested island, one of the 'Isles d'Hyères' group is a long, narrow rocky ridge, almost completely protected by steep cliffs around the shoreline, with only two points of access: Avis inlet and Aiguade, at the western end where the ferry docks.

Porquerolles Island

The largest of the Hyères Islands, and the closest to the ferry port of Hyères. Has a village and beaches.

Port-Cros Island

The middle island of the Hyères Islands, with a small port. Mountainous and natural, great for hiking.

Saint Honorat Island

Saint Honorat, the smallest of the two Lerins Islands just off the coast of Cannes, is named after Saint Honoratus who established an abbey here in the year 410.

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