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Plains and National Parks

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This grouping of Provencal sites includes the flat, marshy plains of the Camarge, the high mountains of the Mercantour National Park, the high plains of Caussols and Calern and the micro-fijords of the Calanques.


The calanques are deep narrow inlets, sort of Provencal fiords, in the rocky cliffs along the coast between Cassis and Marseilles.

Calern Plateau

The Plateau de Calern, plateau of calcaire rocks, wildflower, grazing sheep, eagles, and trails, in the hills north of Grasse and the Mediterranean Côte d'Azur.


A South-of-France cowboy-country wetlands, home of black bulls, white horses, pink flamingos and migratory birds.

Caussols Plateau

An 1100 meter high plateau with ancient stone bories, grazing sheep and an astronomical site with telescopes and moon lasers.

Géoparc de Haute-Provence

This is a nature park and museum focused on geology and natural history located beside the town of Dignes-les-Bains.

Mercantour National Park

A beautifully rugged national park with mountain streams and lakes set in the valleys of 3000m-high mountains, and home of chamois, Ibex, mountain goat, wolves, marmots, white hares, cattle and incredible wildflowers.

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