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People of Provence and France

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These are a few of the people we think are prominent in the history and life of Provence or in France. As a very rare exception, the photos are not taken by us, but are from Wikipedia and other similar sources.

Jean-Michel Basquiat   - American Artist, 1960-1988

Samuel Beckett   - Writer & Poet

Dirk Bogarde   - Movie Actor & Writer

Cezanne   - Painter

Charles Goodyear   - Inventor

Ernest Hemingway   - Writer

James Joyce   - Writer

D. H. Lawrence   - Writer

Frédérick Mistral   - Poet and writer

Joseph Monier   - Gardener, Inventor

Napoleon   - Emperor of the French

Nostradamus   - Physician and astrologer

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Henri Pitot   - Engineer, Inventor

Random France   - Shrinks in France

Marquis de Sade   - Writer

St Honoratus   - Hermit, Saint

Robert Lewis Stevenson   - Novelist, poet, travel writer

Van Gogh   - Painter

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