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English-French Food A-K

Food Dictionary A-K, English-French

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albacore   liche   - a fish

alevin   nonat   : alevin, fry, young fish

alevin   poutine   : alevin, fry, young fish

almond   amande  

aluminum foil   papier aluminium  

anchovies   anchois   - a fish

anchovy   anchois   - a fish

anchovy purée   anchoyade   : Provençal purée made with garlic and olive oil

angelic   angélique  

angler-fish   baudroie   : (monkfish, frog-fish, sea-devil) also called lotte de mer

angler-fish   lotte de mer   : (monkfish, frog-fish, sea-devil) baudroie

anise, aniseed   anis étoilé   : (anis étoilé; badiane) the anise plant; its dried star-shaped fruit.

anise, aniseed   badiane   : (anis étoilé; badiane)

apple   pomme   :
  - pomme de risoul et pointue de Trescléoux = a regional apple

apricot   abricot  

aroma, flavor   arôme   : (arôme = aroma; goût = taste; parfum = flavor of ice cream;

artichoke   artichaut  

arugula   roquette   : Eruca sativa, a Mediterranean region plant used in salads. Known in French as Roquette, and in English as Rocket salad or Arugula.

asparagus   asperge   :
  - botte d'asperges = bundle of asparagus

- pointe d'asperges = asparagus tips

aspic jelly   aspic  

avocado   avocat   : (avocado pear)


bacon   lard de poitrine demi-sel  

bake in the oven   cuire au four  

baker   boulanger  

baker's yeast   levure de boulanger  

bakery   boulangerie  

baking paper   papier cuisson  

baking powder   levure chimique   : One "sachet" (11g packet) is about 2 teaspoons.

baking soda   bicarbonate de sodium   : Available from pharmacies.

banana   banane  

barley   orge  

basil   basilic  

basket   panier   : usually a wicker basket.

bayleaf   laurier   : (also laurel leaf)

bean   haricot  

beef   boeuf  

beef stew   daube  

beer   bière  

beet, beetroot   betterave  

beet, white   blette   : [Tourte de Blette]

bell pepper   poivron   : bell pepper (green, red, or yellow) [poivron farci]

bell pepper, green   poivron vert   : bell pepper (green, red, or yellow)

bell pepper, red   poivron rouge   : bell pepper (green, red, or yellow)

beverage, drink   boisson  

bitter   acerbe   : (bitter; tart) to the taste

bitterness   amertume  

black olives   olives noirs   : a tied bouquet of herbs: dill (2 sprigs); laurel (1 leaf); parsley (1 sprig)

blackberry   mûre   : blackberry, brambleberry, mulberry
  - mûrier noir = fresh blackberry

blackberry bush   ronce   : wild, with thorns. The briar patch.

blackcurrant   cassis   : The red groseille is a red currant. The black groseille is called "cassis".

blackcurrant liqueur   cassis, creme de  

blanch   blanchir   : boil the water, dip the food quickly, for a few minutes only

blanchaille   blanchaille   : very tiny fish from the Mediterranean; used in Pissala.

boiled   bouilli  

boiled corn   polenta jaune  

boiling   ébullition  

bone marrow   moelle   : High in both protein and fat, rich like liver is rich, the best part of osso bucco.

bottle   bouteille  

bouquet garni   (herbs)  

bouquet of herbs   bouquet garni   : a tied bouquet of herbs: dill (2 sprigs); laurel (1 leaf); parsley (1 sprig)

bowl   bocal   : deep bowl with narrow top

braised   braisé  

bran bread   pain de son   : similar to whole wheat bread (pan complet)

bread   pain   : [Pain à l'Ancienne]

bread crumbs   chapelure  

bread stick   baguette   : a long narrow cylindrical loaf of white bread weighing 250 g. "Baguette" is the name for anything long and skinny, including drum sticks, strips of wood, etc.

broccoli   brocoli  

to brown   à revenir   : (to soften - cake)

to brown, singe   à roussir  

brussels sprout   chou de Bruxelles  

buckwheat   sarrasin  

buckwheat   blé noir  

buckwheat bread   pain de sarrasin  

burned, singed   brûlé  

butcher shop   boucherie  

butter   beurre  

buttermilk   babeurre   :
  - "Lait Ribot" is a traditional fermented milk made in Brittany, made from fermented basbeurre.


cabbage   chou   :
  - chou-blanc: white cabbage; chou-rouge: red cabbage; chou pointu de Châteaurenard: a regional cabbage

cake   gâteau  

cantaloup   melon   : (cantaloup de Cavaillon) [Cavaillon]

capers   câpres  

capon   chapon   : a young castrated and fattened rooster

caraway   carvi  

cardoon   cardon   : an edible thistle, related to the artichoke, with edible root and leafstalks; leafstalks used as a garnish for some meat dishes

carrot   carotte  

cashew   cajou   : (noix d'acajou)

cauliflower   chou-fleur  

celery   céleri  

celery   fougère musquée   : celery

celery salt   sel de céleri  

cheese, blue moulded   bleu de Queyras   : a regional blue-moulded cheese

cheese, goat   fromage de chèvre  

cheese, grated   fromage rapé  

cherry   cerise  

chervil   cerfeuil  

chestnut   marron   : from the Châtaignier; the nuts from the marronnier are inedible

chick pea   pois chiche  

chicken   poulet  

chicken breast   filet de poulet  

chickpea pancake   panisse   : Provencal thick pancake made with chickpea flour.

chicory   endive   : also known as white leaf.

chicory lettuce   chicorée frisée   :
  - (chicorée frisée; endive frisée)

chicory lettuce   endive frisée   :
  - (chicorée frisée chicorée frisée)

chili pepper   poivron pimenté  

chili peppers   poivrons pimenté   : a tied bouquet of herbs: dill (2 sprigs); laurel (1 leaf); parsley (1 sprig)

chilled   rafraîchi   : or cooled

chives   ciboulette  

to chop   à détailler  

chunks   en dés  

cilantro   : coriandrum sativum - coriander, Chinese parsley; herb with aromatic leaves and seeds resembling parsley.

cinnabar   cinabre   : a bright-red pigment for coloring

citronella   citronnelle   : applies to various plants with a lemon scent: verbena, lemon balm, melissa, etc.

citrus fruit   agrumes  

clove   girofle   : "clous de girofle" are whole cloves, and "girofle moulu" or "girofle en poudre" are powdered cloves.

clove, pod   gousse   : clove (of garlic); pod (of bean or pea)

cocktail snack   amuse-gueule   : (amuse-gueule; amuse-bouche)

coconut   noix de coco  

coconut milk   lait de noix de coco  

cod, salt   morue   - a fish :
  - fresh codfish = cabillaud

codfish, fresh   cabillaud   - a fish :
  - salt cod = morue

colander   passoire   : une passoire conique (conical colander) is used to "filtrer au chinois"

cold cuts   charcuterie  

conger eel   congre  

conger eel   fiélas (congre)  

conger eel head   congre, tête  

cooked medium   à point   : least cooked: (bleu, saignant, à point, bien cuit) : most cooked.

cooked rare   saignant   : More rare than à point but not as rare as bleu.

cooked very rare   bleu   : (blue), more rare even than saignant.

cooked well done   bien cuit   : least cooked: (bleu, saignant, à point, bien cuit) : most cooked.

to cool   à réfroidir   : or chill.

coriander   coriandre  

cork   bouchon   : a bottle stopper, made from the bark of the cork oak (chêne liege)

cork   liege   : the material; the bark of the cork oak (chêne liege)

corked   bouchonné   : wine that's gone off, with the taste of its cork

corn   maïs   : (American corn = English maize; English corn = American grain)

corn-bread   pain de mais  

cotton candy   barbe-à-papa   : (grandpa's beard) English, also: candy floss

country bread   pain de campagne   : usually a large, round loaf, dusted with flour.

cranberry   airelle rouge   : Airelle is a general name applied to the "Vaccinium" berry shrubs. Airelle is used for the British bilberry (whortleberry) or the American blueberry (huckleberry) as well as the cranberry ("airelle rouge").

crayfish, crawfish   écrevisse  

cream   crème  

cream, full-fat   crème fraîche   : used for making butter, sauces, etc.

crème fraîche   -  

to crumble   à émietter  

to crush   à écraser   : écrasé: crushed or flattened

crushed   broyé   : (crushed, ground, pounded)

cuckoo wrasse   labre   - a fish

cucumber   concombre  

cumin   cumin  

currant, red   groseille   : The red groseille is a red currant. The black groseille is called "cassis".

to cut up   à tronçonner   : (into sections or lengths)

cuttle-fish   seiche   :


dandelion   pissenlit   : used in some old-time Provencal cooking [Tourte de Haute-Provence]

to dice   à dés   :
  - couper en gros dés = to dice; cut into chunks

diced vegetables   Macédoine  

dill   aneth   : similar to fenouil

doe   biche   : (female deer)

dogfish   emissole   : Mediterranean, smooth dogfish, shark fish.

doughnut   beignet   : (beignet, doughnut, fritter)

drain   égoutter   : drain off (water); strain (cheese)

drumstick   pilon   : drumstick, leg of poultry

dry white wine   vin blanc sec   :


eel   anguille  

egg   oeuf  

egg white   blanc d'oeuf  

egg yolk   jaune d'oeuf  

egg, boiled   oeuf à la coque   : steak or hamburger topped with a fried egg

egg, fried   oeuf dur le plat  

egg, hard-boiled   oeuf dur  

egg, poached   oeuf à la moelle   : with a white-wine and bone barrow sauce

egg, poached   oeuf poché  

eggplant   aubergine   : [Aubergine Farci]

eggs   oeuf  

eggs, scrambled   oeufs brouillés  

endive   scarole  

ewe   brebis   : female sheep


fennel   fenouil  

fig   figue   :
  - figue de Tarascon

filet mignon   filet mignon   : the small choice end of tenderloin of beef (or of veal or pork)

filled   fourré   : filled, stuffed, creamed

finger bowl   rince-doigts   : [Camargue]

fish   poisson  

fish filets   filets de poissons  

flavor   saveur   : (arôme = aroma; goût = taste; parfum = flavor of ice cream;

flour   farine   :
  - farine de sarrasin = buckwheat flour

food   alimentation   : (food, groceries, nourishment, nutrition)

food   nourriture  

four spices   quatre-épices   : a blend of ground cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, pepper.

french toast   pain perdu  

fresh codfish   cabillaud   - a fish

fresh goat cheese   fromage de chèvre frais  

to froth   à écumer   : (to foam)

fry   alevin   : bait (tiny fish)


game   gibier   : pheasant, boar, etc.

garlic   ail   :
  - gousse d'ail = clove of garlic

garlic powder   ail semoule   :
  - gousse d'ail = clove of garlic

garlic salt   ail semoule   :
  - gousse d'ail = clove of garlic

geranium   géranium odorant  

giblets   abattis   : poultry giblets

gilthead   daurade royale   - a fish

gingerbread   pain d'épice  

goose   oie  

grape   raisin  

grapefruit   pamplemousse  

grated   râpé   : or shredded.

grated cheese   fromage râpé  

green beans   haricot vert  

green pasta   pâte verte  

ground beef   steak haché  

grouper   mérou   - a fish

Guinea-hen   pintade  

gurnard   griofle   : (gurnard, gurnet = griofle, grondin)

gurnet   grondin   : (gurnard, gurnet = griofle, grondin)


haddock   stockfish   - a fish

ham   jambon  

to hang   à faisander   : (game, for aging)

herbal tea   infusion  

Herbes de Provence   Herbes de Provence  

hog-fish   rascasse   : used for bouillabaisse

honey   miel  

hot   épicé   :


infusion   tisane   : an infusion of herbal tea


jam   confiture  

jar   bocal   : glass (or earthenware) jar for canning preserves.

jujube   jujube   : (from thejujube tree)
  - jujube de Provence

juniper   genièvre (genévrier)   : juniper; gin; geneva


kidney   rognon  

kidney beans   haricot rouge  

to knead   à malaxer, pétrir   : (dough); to work (butter)

to knead   à pétrir, malaxer   : (dough)

knuckle of ham   jambonneau   :


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