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Provencal Themes

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The Themes section is about things that are not in a specific place: campaniles found in villages throughout Beyond, bories in the Vaucluse, lavender fields and distilleries, and on and on.

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Culture and Crafts

Culture and Crafts

Campaniles   - Wrought iron belfries of Provence

Charrettes de Fetes


Museums in Provence


Sundials (Cadrans Solaire)

HIstory and People

HIstory and People

Dominici Affaire   - (History)

Lost Railways of Provence   - 1870s to 1950s across the back country

Mur de la Peste   - (Sites)

People of Provence and France

Roman Sites

Route de Sel

Provence and Traditions

Provence and Traditions

Cabro d Or Legend   - Elusive golden goat and buried treasure

Flying Donkey Legend   - A descending ass in Gonfaron

Lavender Fields of Provence   - Location of lavender across Provence

Olives and Olive Oil of Provence


Route du Mimosa

Santons of Provence   - Provencal clay figurines ... to crèches

Transhumance   - Sheep and cattle between summer, winter pastures

Truffles   - Black diamonds - but a bit softer



Bauduen Observatory

Caille Meteorite   - Another extraterrestrial visitor

CERGA Observatory

Champtercier Observatory

Extraterrestrial Visitor   - Only 200,000,000 km from Provence

Haute-Provence Observatory




Fun, Amusements   - Places to visit, from theme parks to mini golf

Gardens of Provence (Jardins)   - Of a botanical nature

Markets in Provence


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