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Trees of Provence

Mediterranean and Alpine trees

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Our Trees of Provence section includes a handy English-name and French-name list of the most common trees of Provence. We also have a flora content page, with photos, for many of the trees, especially the local oaks, pines and olives.

The trees are the most distinctive flora in this part of the world, and the umbrella pine is the most distinctive of all, with its outline so clearly resembling an open umbrella. The Aleppo pine, on limestone and the maritime pine, on acid soils, are both common along the coast and are typically Mediterranean.

A variety of oaks grow here, from the scrubby holm oak of the coast to the typical Pubescent oak of mid-altitudes and, so necessary for a wine-producing country, the cork oak. This last grows strictly on the cristaline formations such as the Esterel, Tanneron and the Massif des Maures.

The umbrella pine (photo above) might be the most distinctive tree, but the olive tree is the most typical for this Mediterranean country side. Olives have been growing here for around 2500 years, and when you wander the hills, you'll cross long-abandoned stone terraces built and repaired by hand over many hundreds of years ago.

Trees (English) Arbres (French)
  Acacia   Acacia
  Alder   Aulne
  Ash   Frêne
  Beech   Hêtre
  Birch   Bouleau
  Box   Buis
  - Atlas Cedar
  - Cedar of Lebanon
  - Cèdre de l'Atlas
  - Cèdre du Liban
  Chestnut   Châtaignier
  Cypres   Cyprès
  Elm   Orme
  Fir   Sapin
  Hazel   Noisetier
  Hemlock   Sapin
  Hornbeam   Charme
  Horse Chestnut   Marronnier
  Judas Tree   Arbre de Judée
  Larch   Mélèze
  Lime   Tilleul
  Maple   Erable
  Mimosa (Wattle)   Mimosa
  Olive   Olivier
  - Cork Oak
  - Holm Oak
  - Kermes Oak
  - Pubscent (Downy) Oak
  - Chêne-liège
  - Chêne Vert
  - Chêne Kermès
  - Chêne Pubescent
  Nettle Tree   Micocoulier
  - Aleppo Pine
  - Maritime Pine
  - Scots Pine
  - Silver Pine
  - Umbrella Pine
  - Pin d' Alep
  - Pin Maritime
  - Pin Sylvestre
  - Pin de Montagne
  - Pin Parasol
  Plane   Platane
  Poplar   Peuplier
  Quince   Cognassier
  Sequoia, Giant   Wellingtonia
  Spruce   Sapin
  Sycamore   Sycamore
  Walnut   Noyer
  Willow   Saule blanc
  Weeping Willow   Saule Pleureur
  Yew   If

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