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Taxus baccata     Fr: If

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25 m. The yew tree is one of the ancient denziens of Beyond (and the rest of Europe), said to live from 1000 to 2000 years. The form of the tree can be the classical pyramid or, with age, rounded.

Yew wood is hard and heave, and elastic. It was used for England's long-bows in the Middle Ages.

Bark. The bark is reddish-brown to grey, with large flakes.

Cones. The male cones are small, rounded, yellow cones with overlapping scales. The female cones are bright-red "berries", with a single visible seed inside.

Leaves. The "needles" are very dark green above and yellowish-green beneath, flatter and shinier than the other regional "evergreen" trees; 3 mm wide, 10-40 mm long, arranged in two rows along the side branches.

Habitat. Parks and gardens; some of the train stations of the Train des Pignes.

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