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Naturism sites exist across southern France, from Corsica and "Beyond" in the southeast to Bordeaux in the southwest. There are also sites up through the center of France, around Paris and in Britanny. For a complete listing or any more information, you can contact the following organizations directly. They publish a catalogue with details of all their affiliated sites, available directly from them.

Maison de la France - Club Naturisme

8 Ave de l'Opéra
75001 PARIS, France

Tel: (33) 142 96 10 23; Fax: (33) 142 86 08 94

Fédération Française de Naturisme

65, rue de Tocqueville
75017 PARIS, France

Tel: (33) 147 64 32 82; Fax: (33) 147 64 32 63

The listings below are for the sites that we know of in the Beyond area, including vacation and camping sites and some beaches where naturisme or nudism is permitted. The sites affiliated with the Fédération Française de Naturisme are

Department 04 - Alpes-de-Haute-Provence


Route Napoleon town at the foothills of the Alps, site of a Roman fort, with river kayaking on the Verdon upstream of Beyond's Grand Canyon Verdon Gorges. - About 60 km northwest (an hour and a half drive) from Cannes and Nice.

Castillon de Provence

Centre de vacances. Nudisme permitted at the lake by tolerance of the mayor (mairie).


Centre Naturisme (Nudist Camp) Contacts: Malou, Pascal Fourrier

Beach: Lac de Castillon

Language: French, Dutch, English; German at reception

Club affiliate: FFN

Open: Easter to 30 Sept (reservations taken all year)

Tel: 0492 836 424; Fax: 0492 83 68 79


Camping Verdon Provence


Centre Naturiste (Nudist Camp)

Tel: 0492 771 225; Fax: 0492 77 18 32


Domaine des Lauzons

3-star naturist camping, 150 emplacements, 60 hectares around an ancient Provençal "Mas"; pool, bar, restaurant, groceries, etc.


Contacts: Annick, Pierre Noël

Language: French, English, Dutch, German

Club affiliate: FFN

Open: Apr-Oct (reservations taken all year)

Tel: 0492 730 060; Fax: 0492 73 04 31



Camping de Naturistes



Le Vallon des Oiseaux, camp naturistes


Contacts: Jean, Madelein Pasma

Language: French, Dutch, English, German, Italian

Club affiliate: FFN

Open: 1 Apr - 30 Sept (reservations taken all year)

Tel: 0492 764 733; Fax: 0492 76 44 64

Saint Laurent-du-Verdon

Domaine d'Enriou

Naturist domain, 150 hectares, Family ambiance, restaurant, pool, sporting activities, etc.


Contacts: Patricia, Luc Fouchard

Language: French, English

Club affiliate: FFN

Open: 15 May - 30 Sept (reservations taken all year)

Tel: 0492 744 102; Fax: 0492 74 01 20


Sainte Croix-de-Verdon

Camping Les Roux, aire naturelle


Tel: 0492 777 583

Camping Les Truffières, Aire Naturelle


Tel: 0492 778 791


Le Petit Arlane

Centre Naturiste (Nudist Camp)


Naturist camping, 75 hectares with 80 emplacements, 11 appartements.

Club affiliate: FFN

Tel: 0492 748 270; Fax: 492 74 99 35


Department 05 - Hautes-Alpes


UNESCO World Heritage site.

Les Clapières *

NOTE: We were notified by a reader that this site might be Closed (Aug 2005).


Contact: Philippe Lemaire

Language: French, English

Open: all year except October

Tel: 0492 211 583; Fax: 0492 21 15 83


Naturism Tamier ***

Tel-Fax in season: 0492 66 61 55 Tel-Fax off season: 0492 87 47 24


Contacts: Colette, Michel Estardier

Language: French, Dutch, English, German, Italian

Open: 1 June - 15 Sept

Tel: 0492 666 on), or 0492 928 on); Fax: 0492 66 61 55

Department 06 - Alpes-Maritimes


Le Haut Chandelalar ***


Contacts: Muriel et Yves Boisgontier

Language: French, Dutch, English, German

Open: 1 June - 15 Sept

Tel: 0493 604 009, or 0493 936 964


A large French Riviera town, with shopping, museums, Roman ruins, beaches and night life, and the famous Promenade des Anglais. - On the Mediterranean coast, between Cannes and Italy.

Club Horizon


Contact : MOUGEOT Robert

Club affiliate: FFN

Tel: 0493 725 358


Club Origan


The campsite has cottages, swimming pools, and indoor and terrace restaurants. In its beautiful natural setting, Club Origan is popular, so you'll need to reserve. Contact: Michel Authiat

Beach: L'Origan La Combe

Language: French, Dutch, English; German at reception

Club affiliate: FFN

Open: 15 Feb - 15 Nov

Tel: 0493 050 600, or 0493 930 476; Fax: 0493 05 09 34


Department 07 - Ardèche

Bourg-Saint Andéol

30 km northwest of Orange; 25 km south of Montélimar; 10 km northeast of the Gorges de L'Ardeche.

La Plage des Templiers

Naturism, lodging, restaurant. Inaccessable to caravans.


Club affiliate: FFN

Tel: 0475 043 865; Fax: 0475 04 28 58


Department 11 - Aude


This beach village on the northeast corner of the Etang de Leucate is in the commune of Leucate. - 30 km northeast of Perpignan, on the coast of the Mediterranean.

Oasis Village Naturiste

One of the most beautiful nautrist clubs in Europe, located adjacent to the long sandy nudist beach of Leucate-Plage. Tends to attract families with kids.


Accomodation is in appartments with kitchens. A clubhouse has restaurant, bar, billiars, and sports activities.



Saint Pierre-sur-Mer

Seaside village, in the commune of Fleury. - 15 km east of Narbonne; 7 km southeast of Fleury.

La Grande Cosse

A Centre Helio Marin International, with campsite, pool, restaurant and all the amenities.

Location: On the seaside east of Narbonne, and a bit inland from the nudist beach at Saint Pierre-sur-Mer.


Department 13 - Bouches-du-Rhône


Gallo-Roman town on the Rhone, with its Arena and Theater; Van Gogh painted here; rice festival and bull fighting. - 30 km southeast of Nîmes; 35 km south of Avignon.

Camargue Soleil

(club de plage)


Séances de piscine : Piscine Tournesol

Beach: Piémançon - Plage d'Arles

Club affiliate: FFN

Le Puy-Sainte-Réparade

Camping Messidor

Naturist center, 10 hectares, tennis, pool, etc.


Club affiliate: FFN

Open: 1 Apr - 30 Sept

Tel: 0442 619 028; Fax: 0442 50 07 08


Department 30 - Gard


On the edge of the Gorges de l'Ardèche. - 50 km northwest of Avignon; 30 km northeast of Alès.

Domaine de la Sabliere

Location: From Barjac, go southeast on the D901 to the hamlet of Saint Privat de Champclos (4 km), then look for the signs for La Sablière.

La Sablière sur Cèze, a tiny village of a few souls in the winter, expanding to 1500 in the summer.

Tel: 0466 245 116, or 0466 662 869




10 km south of Pont d'Arc and the Gorges de l'Ardeche. - Tiny village, 25 km northwest of Alès; 40 km northwest of Orange.

Socnat-La Genese


Club affiliate: FFN

Tel: 0466 245 173, or 0466 662 182; Fax: 0466 24 50 38


Saint Privat-de-Champclos

20 km south of Pont d'Arc and the Gorges de l'Ardeche. - Tiny village, 30 km northwest of Alès; 40 km northwest of Orange.

Domaine de la Sablière

Camping La Sabliere, 62 hectares in a forest of chestnuts, oak and poplars; 2 km of river-side beach.


Club affiliate: FFN

Tel: 0466 245 116; Fax: 0466 24 58 69


Department 83 - Var


Domaine de l'Escride


Contact: robert Tristani

Language: French, Dutch, English, German

Club affiliate: FFN

Open: 1 June - 15 Sept (reservations taken all year)

Tel: 0494 489 724; Fax: 0494 48 96 56


Domaine Gymnique de la Haute Garduére **


Naturisme - Nudism Contact: Annie Dizier

Language: French, English; Italian at reception

Club affiliate: FFN

Open: Apr - Sept (reservations taken all year)

Tel: 0494 679 520; Fax: 0494 67 95 20


Large medieval perched village west of Grasse, with markets, shops, internationally known glider (sailplane) airfield.

Les Suanes Hautes


Club affiliate: FFN

Levant Island

Small forested island, one of the "Isles d'Hyéres" group. - Mediterranean coast southeast of Toulon and Hyères; west of Cannes.

ADIL (Association naturiste des amis de l'Ile du Levant)

A naturists paradise, most of the Ile du Levant is officially nudist, and nudism is permitted everywhere except in the few "public" places, the port of Heliopolis ("city of sun" in the original Greek) and the center square of the village. The Ile du Levant has been an outdoor "naturists" nudist colony since the 1930s. Photography from passing boats is illegal.


Domaine naturiste d'Héliopolis - Centre de vacances.

Beach: Plage des Grottes

Club affiliate: FFN

Tel: 0142 771 177


10 km south of St Tropez.

Club Gymnique de la Haute Garduère

Centre de Vacances "La haute Garduère"


Contact: M. Jacky LE FUR

Department 84 - Vaucluse


Domaine Naturiste Bélézy

nudist camp, camping, caravaning; Centre d'Hydrothérapie (water treatment); individual house rental


Contacts: Colette, Pascal. 10ha park, two swimming pools. Mini Club Enfants (3-6 years); Royaume des Enfants (7-12 years); Les Plus Grands (12 years and over); The Farm, with animals.

Language: French, English; Dutch, German, Italian at reception

Club affiliate: FFN

Open: 15 Mar - 9 Nov (reservations take all year)

Tel: 0490 656 018; Fax: 0490 65 94 45



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