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Campaniles de fer forgé (or wrought-iron belfries) are the ironwork cages at the top of many bell towers in the Beyond region. Although they are all works of art, and some extremely ornate and magnificent, these campaniles came about for purely practical reasons: they withstand even the fiercest of the Mistrals that occasionally blow through the Provence.

Here's a list of townn where you can see some good examples of wrought-iron campaniles. For the towns marked 'photo' there's a photo included in the large collection presented in our photo gallery (click on the top image).

Apt - (photo)
Aups - (photo)
Bagnols-en-Forêt - (photo)
Bouyon - -
Callas - -
Caromb - (photo)
Carpentras - (photo)
Céreste - (photo)
Cipières - (photo)
Claviers - (photo)
La Colle-sur-Loup - -
Colmars - -
Coursegoules - (photo)
Digne-les-Bains - (photo)
Esparron-de-Verdon - -
Flayosc - (photo)
Forcalquier - beautiful and elaborate
Gigondas - (photo) chapelle St-Jean
Lurs - (photo)
Mane - -
Manosque - (photo) Eglise St-Saveur and Porte Sooubeyran
Les Mées - -
Moissac-Bellevue - -
Montmeyan - Simple
Orange - (photo)
Quinson - (photo)
Régusse - -
Riez - (photo)
Saint Maime - -
Saint Martin-de-Brômes - -
Seillans - -
Sisteron - L tour de l'horloge
Spéracèdes - -
Tourrettes - -
Trigance - -
Villecroze - (photo)

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