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Seafood Dictionary

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This is a list of the seafoods from the Provence-Côte d'Azur region, giving the French name, (class) and English name.

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anchois -- anchovy

anguille -- eel

baudroie -- angler-fish, frog-fish, sea-devil

blanchaille [palaïa] -- very tiny fish, such as small sardines and anchovies; used in pissala for the pissaladière.

bouille -- the fish for bouillabaisse

chapon -- fish, used for bouillabaisse

cigale de mer -- shellfish

congre -- conger eel

daurade royale -- gilthead

dorade -- sea-bream

encornet -- squid

favouille -- small crab

fiélas (congre) -- conger eel; essential for Niçois fish soup

galinette -- fish

girelle -- 20 cm, bright colored fish

grondin -- gurnard, gurnet

labre -- cuckoo wrasse

liche -- albacore

loup -- sea bas

mange-tout (also petite friture) -- "eat-everything", tiny little fish

mérou -- grouper, a rocky-coast fish

merlan -- whiting

muge (also mulet) -- mullet

moules [musclé] -- mussels

moules à la marinière

nonat [nounat] (also poutine) -- alevin, fry, young fish

oursin violet -- sea-urchin

petite friture (also mange-tout) -- tiny fish

petits poissons de roche -- fish: used as the base for bouillabaisse and Niçois fish soup

poulpe -- octopus

poutargue de martigues -- fish eggs

poutine [poutina] (also nonat) -- alevin, fry, young fish

rouget de roche -- red mullet

saint-pierre -- flat fish

sard -- fish

sardine -- sardine

seiche -- cuttle-fish

serran [partago] -- fish from rocky coasts, similar to mérou

sole -- sole

soles marinière

telline -- shellfish

thon rouge -- tunny

turbot -- turbot

violet -- shellfish

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