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English-French Food L-Z

Food Dictionary L-Z, English-French

ladle   louche  

lamb   agneau  

lamb leg   gigot   : Leg of lamb or leg of mutton, usually roasted

lamb, dried   moutounesso  

laurel leaf   laurier   : (also bayleaf)

lavender   lavande  

lean salt pork   petit salé maigre   - a fish

to leaven   à levain   : (the "raising" compound in bread) see leveure (yeast)

leek   poireau  

leek (stem)   blanc de poireau   : a tied bouquet of herbs: dill (2 sprigs); laurel (1 leaf); parsley (1 sprig)

leftovers   rogatons   : slang for the leftovers of a meal.

lemon   citron  

lemon   citron  

lemon balm   mélisse   : melissa; lemon balm

lettuce   laitue  

lettuce   salade  

licorice   réglisse  

light cream   crème fleurette   : a low-fat cream used in cooking, in place of crème fraîche; also "crème liquide"

lime   citron vert  

liver   foie  

lobster   langouste   : spiny lobster or rock lobster; also called crawfish.


macaroni   macaroni  

mace   fleur de muscade   : (spice; also called macis
  - fleur de muscade = mace spice

- noix de muscade = nutmeg

maize   maïs   : (American corn = English maize; English corn = American grain)

mango chutney   chutney mangue  

marbled   marbré   : (also persillée for blue cheese)

marjoram, sweet   marjolaine   : sweet marjoram; see also oregano (wild marjoram)

meal   repas  

meat   viand  

meat chunks   viande en dés   :
  - figue de Tarascon

medlar fruit   nèfle du Japon  

to melt   à fondre  

melted   fondu  

mild   doux  

milk   lait  

to mince   à émincer   : sliced thinly (meat or onions); shredded (vegetables).

minced beef   steak haché  

mint   menthe  

morel   morille   : a tasty mushroom; dark brown conical cap, pitted with cavitites.

mortar   mortier   : heavy bowl for grinding with a pestle; pilon = pestle

moulded   moulé  

mullet   muge   - a fish

mushroom   champignon  

mussel   moule  

mussels   moules   :
  - moules marinières = mussles cooked in white wine with onion or shallots

mustard   moutarde  

mustard ancient   moutarde à l'ancienne  

mutton   mouton   :


nasturtium   capucine  

nettle   ortie   : used in some old-time Provencal cooking [Tourte de Haute-Provence]

noodle   nouille  

nutmeg   muscade   : Nutmeg is "noix de muscade", often just called "muscade".

nutmeg   noix de muscade   :


oats   avoine   : (flocon d'avoine = rolled oats; gruau d'avoine = porridge, oatmeal.

octopus   poulpe  

oil   huile  

old, aged   vieux  

olive   olive  

olive oil   huile d'olive  

omelette   omelette  

onion   oignon   : [oignon farci]

onions   oignons  

orange   orange   : orange de Nice; blonde de Nice

orange-flower water   eau de fleur d'oranger   : Distilled from orange blossoms, especially the Bigaradier orange of Provence, and used in cuisine in Provence and North Africa. It's also used in some health/beauty products. The only on-line source (think) we've found is: Cassell-Wood/Londons; $14;

oregano   origan   : wild marjoram; sometimes called marjolaine (sweet marjoram)

oven   four   :


pandora, red   pageot   : larger than sea bream (dorade) and less delicate flavor; also called "rosseau"

pandora, red   rosseau   : larger than sea bream (dorade) and less delicate flavor; also called "pageot"

paprica   paprika  

parmesan   parmesan  

parsley   persil  

parsnip   panais  

paste   paté  

pastery cream   crème pâtissière   : confectioner's pastery cream, made with flour, sugar, butter and eggs

peach   pêche   :
  - pêche sanguine de Manosque = a local variety

peanut   cacahouète   :
  - pêche sanguine de Manosque = a local variety

pear   poire   :
  - poire crémesine et martin-sec = a regional pear

peas   petit pois  

to peel   à éplucher  

to peel   à peler  

peel   zeste   : peel (of lemon, orange)

pepper   poivre  

peppermill   moulin à poivre  

persimmon   kaki muscat de Provence   : [see flora]

pestle   pilon   : short thick club for pounding substances in a mortar

pickled   saumuré  

pie   tarte  

pie, covered   tourte  

pimento   piment   : pimeinto, red pepper, hot pepper, capsicum

pine nut   pignon  

pineapple   ananas  

pistachio   pistache  

plate   assiette  

plum   prune  

pomegranate   grenade   :
  - grenade de Provence

pomme   apple  

poppy, wild red   coquelicot   : the wild red, or corn poppy, petals are used in salads, and in Provencal jelly

pot   faitout, fait-tout   : stew-pan, cooking pot
  - (faittout, marmite)

potato   pomme de terre   :
  - pomme de risoul et pointue de Trescléoux = mid-season potatoes

- pomme de terre de Pertuis = mid-season potatoes

potato pancake   paillasspm   : thin pancake made with shredded potatoes.

powder   en poudre  

to press   à fouler   : (force with a pistul)

prune   pruneau  

pumpkin   citrouille  

pumpkin   potiron   :


quarter   quart   :
  - un quart de vin = a carafe with 25 cl of wine

quiche   quiche  

quince   coing de Provence   : for jams


radish   radis  

raisin   raisin sec   : (dried grape)

ravioli   ravioli   : stuffed pasta

raw vegitables   panier de crudités   : served whole or chopped, in a basket; eaten by hand, with or without "dipping".

recipe   recette  

red mullet   rouget   : small red fish used in Provencal cooking; also applies to goatfish or surmullet.

red mullet   rouget de roche   - a fish

red scorpion fish   rascasse rouge   : chapon de mer fish (for bouillabaisse)

red wine   vin rouge  

red-eye   rotengle   : also called gardon rouge, or rud; (freshwater)

ribsteak   entrecôte (steak)  

rice   riz   : [Camargue]

rind   ecorce   : fruit rind; fruit peel; rice husk

rind, skin   counne   : example: "couenne de porc" is porc rind

ripe   mûr  

roast   rôti   : meat roast; "rôti de porc": pork roast; "rôti de dinde": turkey roast.

to roast   à rôtir  

rocambole   rocambole   : aka Spanish garlic; a large wine coloured bulb that is used similarly to shallots; grown in the South of France

rock salt   gros sel   : also suggested: coarse salt, sea salt, kosher salt. Gros sel is used for cooking; sel fin is used as table salt.

rocket salad   roquette   : Eruca sativa, a Mediterranean region plant used in salads. Known in French as Roquette, and in English as Rocket salad or Arugula.

roll   petit pan  

to roll flat   à étendre au rouleau   : (dough)

rolled   roulé  

rosemary   romarin  

rye bread   pain de seigle   :


saffron   safran  

sage   sauge  

salmon   saumon   - a fish

salmon steak   pavé de saumon   - a fish

salt   sel  

salt cod filets   morue  

salt pork   petit salé   : salt pork, or salt chine of pork

salt, pepper   sel, poivre  

salt, white pepper   sel, poivre blanc  

salted   salé  

sandwich bread   pain de mie   : white, sliced bread

sardine   sardine  

sauerkraut   choucroute  

savory   sarriette  

to scald   à échauder  

scalded ring cake   brassadeau  

scale   écaille   : fish scale

scallion   ciboule   : (scallion; welsh onion)

sea bass   loup   - a fish

sea-bream   dorade   - a fish

sea-urchin   oursin violet  

to sear   à saisir   : Begin the cooking by searing the outer surface hot and fast: put a small amount of oil in a pan, bring it up to a high temperature, put in the food, spread out, to quickly brown the surface, turn to brown the other side(s).

to seed   à épépiner   : (remove the seeds)

seed   grain   : seed (grape, mustard); bean (coffee)

seed   graine   : (of a plant)

shad   alose   : a silvery fish, smaller than a herring

shallot   echalote   : scallion; welsh onion

shark   requin   - a fish

to shell   à écailler   : (crabs), scale

sherbert   sorbet  

shrimp   crevette   : scallion; welsh onion

sieve   tamis  

to simmer; cook slowly   à mitonner   : simmer, stew slowly, with low heat, in water or bouillon (also mijoter)
  - prepared very carefully (Mitonnée aux Cinq Légumes)

- cook long and slowly (ragoût)

sirloin steak   faux-filet (steak)  

skate   raie   : or ray

small green crabs   favouille  

small mushrooms   champigons  

snipe   becassine  

to soften   à ramollir  

sorrel   oseille  

soup   soupe  

sour   aigre  

sour cream   crème aigre  

spaghetti   spaghetti  

spicy   relevé   : or seasoned.

spinach   épinard  

spoonful   cuillerée  

to spread   à étaler   : (spread out evenly)

spring onion   ciboule   : (scallion; welsh onion)

sprinkled   arrosé   : moistened; basted

squash   courge  

squid   calmar  

squid   encornet  

starfruit   carambola   : The carambola, or starfruit, is a large elongated yellow green fruit that is star shaped when cut across the bias; when they start to go a deep golden yellow they taste absolutely fantastic. [thanks, Chric Hockley]

starling   sansonnet   : étourneau sansonnet = Sturnus vulgaris, common starling, a bird, and sometimes delicacy in Provencal and Corsican dishes.

steak   steak  

steam   vapeur  

stew   ragoût  

to stir slowly   à remuer   : also to toss (a salad); mix

straw   paille  

strawberry   fraise   :
  - fraise de Carpentras; frais du Plan de Carros

stuffed Guinea-hen   pintade farcie  

stuffed vegetables   farci   : (légumes farcis)

sugar   sucre  

sulphur   soufre  

sweet-and-sour   aigre-doux   : (bitter-sweet)

sweetbread   ris de veau   : also ris d'agneau (of calf, lamb or kid goat)


to tail   à équeuter   : (a fruit)

tail   queue  

tangerine   mandarine   : manderin orange or tangerine.

tarragon   estragon   : tarragon

taste   goût   : (arôme = aroma; goût = taste; parfum = flavor of ice cream;

to taste   à goûter  

tea   thé  

tenderloin steak   filet (steak)  

thick cream   crème èpaisse  

to thin   à délayer   : (a sauce)

thin-sliced vegetables   fine julienne  

thyme   thym   : - wild thyme is serpolet

tomato   tomate   : [Tomate farci]

truffle   truffe   : [Truffles - Searching for the Black Diamond]
  - truffe noire d'hiver = winter black truffle

tuna   thon   - a fish

tunny   thon rouge   - a fish

turbot   turbot   - a fish

turkey   dinde   :
  - dinde: hen turkey hen; dindon: tom turkey; dindonneau: young turkey

turkey filet   filet de dinde   :
  - truffe noire d'hiver = winter black truffle

turkey roast   roti de filet de dinde   :
  - truffe noire d'hiver = winter black truffle

to turn sour   à aigrir   : (wine or milk)

turnip   navet   :


umber fish   ombre commun   : or freshwater grayling


veal   veau   : calf's meat

vegetable   légume  

vermicelli   vermicelles  

vervain   verveine  

vinegar   vinaigre  

virgin   vierge   :
  - huile d'olive vierge = pure cold-pressed olive oil


walnut, nut   noix  

warmed   réchauffé   : or re-heated.

water   eau  

watermelon   pastèque  

welsh onion   ciboule   : (scallion; welsh onion)

wheat   blé   :
  - germe de blé = wheatgerm

wheatgerm   germe de blé  

whipped cream   crème chantilly  

white   blanc   :
  - fromage blanc = white cheese; vin blanc = white wine

white beans   haricot blanc  

white beet   bette  

white bread   mie de pain  

white tuna   thon blanc   : a tied bouquet of herbs: dill (2 sprigs); laurel (1 leaf); parsley (1 sprig)

white wine   vin blanc   : a tied bouquet of herbs: dill (2 sprigs); laurel (1 leaf); parsley (1 sprig)

whiting   merlan   - a fish

whole wheat bread   pain complet   : similar to bran brad (pain de son)

wild thyme   serpolet  

wine   vin  

woodcock   bécasse  

worn   usé   : red wine that has faded in quality because of age.


yeast   levure   :
  - levure chemique = baking powder

- levure de boulanger = baker's yeast

yogurt   yaourt   :


zucchini   courgette   : [Courgette Farci]

zucchini flower   fleur de Courgette   :

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