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French-English Food L-Z

Food Dictionary L-Z, French-English

labre   cuckoo wrasse   - a fish

lait   milk  

lait de noix de coco   coconut milk  

laitue   lettuce  

langouste   lobster   : spiny lobster or rock lobster; also called crawfish.

langoustine   : Dublin Bay prawn; Norwegian lobster.

lard de poitrine demi-sel   bacon  

laurier   bayleaf   : (also laurel leaf)

laurier   laurel leaf   : (also bayleaf)

lavande   lavender  

légume   vegetable  

à levain   to leaven   : (the "raising" compound in bread) see leveure (yeast)

levure   yeast   :
  - levure chemique = baking powder

- levure de boulanger = baker's yeast

levure chimique   baking powder   : One "sachet" (11g packet) is about 2 teaspoons.

levure de boulanger   baker's yeast  

liche   albacore   - a fish

liege   cork   : the material; the bark of the cork oak (chêne liege)

lotte de mer   angler-fish   : (monkfish, frog-fish, sea-devil) baudroie

louche   ladle  

loup   sea bass   - a fish :


macaroni   macaroni  

Macédoine   diced vegetables  

maïs   corn   : (American corn = English maize; English corn = American grain)

maïs   maize   : (American corn = English maize; English corn = American grain)

à malaxer, pétrir   to knead   : (dough); to work (butter)

mandarine   tangerine   : manderin orange or tangerine.

mange-tout   : "eat-everything", tiny little fish

marbré   marbled   : (also persillée for blue cheese)

marjolaine   marjoram, sweet   : sweet marjoram; see also oregano (wild marjoram)

marmite   : cooking pot

marron   chestnut   : from the Châtaignier; the nuts from the marronnier are inedible

mélisse   lemon balm   : melissa; lemon balm

melon   cantaloup   : (cantaloup de Cavaillon) [Cavaillon]

menthe   mint  

merlan   whiting   - a fish

mérou   grouper   - a fish

mesclun Niçois   : mixture of different lettuces

mie de pain   white bread  

miel   honey  

à mijoter   : simmer, stew slowly, with low heat; prepare with great care or love (also mitonner)

Mitonnée aux Cinq Légumes    

à mitonner   to simmer; cook slowly   : simmer, stew slowly, with low heat, in water or bouillon (also mijoter)
  - prepared very carefully (Mitonnée aux Cinq Légumes)

- cook long and slowly (ragoût)

moelle   bone marrow   : High in both protein and fat, rich like liver is rich, the best part of osso bucco.

morille   morel   : a tasty mushroom; dark brown conical cap, pitted with cavitites.

mortier   mortar   : heavy bowl for grinding with a pestle; pilon = pestle

morue   cod, salt   - a fish :
  - fresh codfish = cabillaud

morue   salt cod filets  

moule   mussel  

moulé   moulded  

moules   mussels   :
  - moules marinières = mussles cooked in white wine with onion or shallots

moulin à poivre   peppermill  

moutarde   mustard  

moutarde à l'ancienne   mustard ancient  

mouton   mutton  

moutounesso   lamb, dried  

muge   mullet   - a fish

mûr   ripe  

mûre   blackberry   : blackberry, brambleberry, mulberry
  - mûrier noir = fresh blackberry

muscade   nutmeg   : Nutmeg is "noix de muscade", often just called "muscade".


navet   turnip  

navette   : a boat-shaped cookie (Marseille; Provençal)

nèfle du Japon   medlar fruit  

noix   walnut, nut  

noix de coco   coconut  

noix de coquilles Saint-Jacques   : the white flesh of the scallop

noix de muscade   nutmeg  

nonat   alevin   : alevin, fry, young fish

nougat blanc   : white nougat candy

nougat noir     : dark nougat candy

nouille   noodle  

nourriture   food   :


oeuf   egg  

oeuf   eggs  

oeuf à cheval   : steak or hamburger topped with a fried egg

oeuf à la coque   egg, boiled   : steak or hamburger topped with a fried egg

oeuf à la moelle   egg, poached   : with a white-wine and bone barrow sauce

oeuf à la neige   : a dessert of beaten egg whites poached in milk and served i a caramelized valilla custard

oeuf dur   egg, hard-boiled  

oeuf dur le plat   egg, fried  

oeuf poché   egg, poached  

oeufs brouillés   eggs, scrambled  

oie   goose  

oignon   onion   : [oignon farci]

oignons   onions  

olive   olive  

olives noirs   black olives   : a tied bouquet of herbs: dill (2 sprigs); laurel (1 leaf); parsley (1 sprig)

ombre commun   umber fish   : or freshwater grayling

omelette   omelette  

orange   orange   : orange de Nice; blonde de Nice

oreillette   : a sweet fritter (beignet)

orge   barley  

origan   oregano   : wild marjoram; sometimes called marjolaine (sweet marjoram)

ortie   nettle   : used in some old-time Provencal cooking [Tourte de Haute-Provence]

os, à la   : on the bone

oseille   sorrel  

oursin violet   sea-urchin   :


pageot   pandora, red   : larger than sea bream (dorade) and less delicate flavor; also called "rosseau"

paillasspm   potato pancake   : thin pancake made with shredded potatoes.

paille   straw  

pain   bread   : [Pain à l'Ancienne]

pain bouilli   : a regional rye bread

pain complet   whole wheat bread   : similar to bran brad (pain de son)

pain d'Aix   : a regional raised bread

pain d'épice   gingerbread  

pain de campagne   country bread   : usually a large, round loaf, dusted with flour.

pain de mais   corn-bread  

pain de mie   sandwich bread   : white, sliced bread

pain de sarrasin   buckwheat bread  

pain de seigle   rye bread  

pain de son   bran bread   : similar to whole wheat bread (pan complet)

pain perdu   french toast  

pamplemousse   grapefruit  

pan bagnat   : A large round sandwich from Nice, with lettuce, anchovies, tuna fish, black olives, etc. Popular in the summer from beach-side stalls and terrace cafés.

panais   parsnip  

panier   basket   : usually a wicker basket.

panier de crudités   raw vegitables   : served whole or chopped, in a basket; eaten by hand, with or without "dipping".

panisse   : fried beigne of chick-pea flour

panisse   chickpea pancake   : Provencal thick pancake made with chickpea flour.

papier aluminium   aluminum foil  

papier cuisson   baking paper  

paprika   paprica  

parmesan   parmesan  

passoire   colander   : une passoire conique (conical colander) is used to "filtrer au chinois"

pastèque   watermelon  

paté   paste  

pâte verte   green pasta  

patience   : cookie

pavé (steak)   : a thick piece of prime grilled steak

pavé de saumon   salmon steak   - a fish

pêche   peach   :
  - pêche sanguine de Manosque = a local variety

à peler   to peel  

persil   parsley  

persillée   : marbled or blue-veined (for blue moulded cheese)

petit épeautre   : a regional wheat

petit pan   roll  

petit pois   peas  

petit poisson de roche   : small rock fish

petit salé   salt pork   : salt pork, or salt chine of pork

petit salé maigre   lean salt pork   - a fish

petite friture   : tiny fish

à pétrir, malaxer   to knead   : (dough)

pétrissage   : kneading

pieds et paquets   : sheep tripes

pignon   pine nut  

à piler   : to grind, crush (in a mortar)

pilon   drumstick   : drumstick, leg of poultry

pilon   pestle   : short thick club for pounding substances in a mortar

piment   pimento   : pimeinto, red pepper, hot pepper, capsicum

pintade   Guinea-hen  

pintade farcie   stuffed Guinea-hen  

pissala     : a sauce

pissaladière   : onion quiche

pissenlit   dandelion   : used in some old-time Provencal cooking [Tourte de Haute-Provence]

pistache   pistachio  

pistou     : a Provencal garlic-basil sauce (see Basil); sometimes used to mean basil (basilic)

poire   pear   :
  - poire crémesine et martin-sec = a regional pear

poireau   leek  

pois chiche   chick pea  

pois mange-tout   : "eat-everything" peas (small young pea pods; you eat the peas and the pod)

poisson   fish  

poivre   pepper  

poivron   bell pepper   : bell pepper (green, red, or yellow) [poivron farci]

poivron pimenté   chili pepper  

poivron rouge   bell pepper, red   : bell pepper (green, red, or yellow)

poivron vert   bell pepper, green   : bell pepper (green, red, or yellow)

poivrons pimenté   chili peppers   : a tied bouquet of herbs: dill (2 sprigs); laurel (1 leaf); parsley (1 sprig)

polenta jaune   boiled corn  

pomme   apple   :
  - pomme de risoul et pointue de Trescléoux = a regional apple

pomme de terre   potato   :
  - pomme de risoul et pointue de Trescléoux = mid-season potatoes

- pomme de terre de Pertuis = mid-season potatoes

pompe à l'huile   : an enriched bread

pompe de Noël   : an enriched bread

potimarron   : pumpkin variant, with slight chestnut flavor

potiron   pumpkin  

poulet   chicken  

poulpe   octopus  

poutargue de Martigues   : fish egg

poutine   alevin   : alevin, fry, young fish

praline   : an almond-sugar mixture used as a filling in some pastries and candies; this is not the same as the American or Belgium chocolate praline. [Brioches aux Pralines]

prune   plum  

pruneau   prune   :


quadrillage   : a criss-cross topping on a tart (with strips of pastry) or pizza (with anchovies)

quart   quarter   :
  - un quart de vin = a carafe with 25 cl of wine

quartier   : a segment or quarter of orange, lemon, melon, etc.

quatre-épices   four spices   : a blend of ground cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, pepper.

queue   tail  

quiche   quiche   :


radis   radish  

rafraîchi   chilled   : or cooled

ragoût   stew  

raie   skate   : or ray

raisin   grape  

raisin sec   raisin   : (dried grape)

à ramollir   to soften  

râpé   grated   : or shredded.

rasade   : full to the brim.

rascasse   hog-fish   : used for bouillabaisse

rascasse rouge   red scorpion fish   : chapon de mer fish (for bouillabaisse)

ratatouille     : a Provencal vegetable stew

ravioli   ravioli   : stuffed pasta

recette   recipe  

réchauffé   warmed   : or re-heated.

à réfroidir   to cool   : or chill.

réglisse   licorice  

relevé   spicy   : or seasoned.

à remuer   to stir slowly   : also to toss (a salad); mix

repas   meal  

requin   shark   - a fish

à revenir   to brown   : (to soften - cake)

rince-doigts   finger bowl   : [Camargue]

ris de veau   sweetbread   : also ris d'agneau (of calf, lamb or kid goat)

riz   rice   : [Camargue]

riz de Camargue     : rice from the Camargue [Camargue]

rocambole   rocambole   : aka Spanish garlic; a large wine coloured bulb that is used similarly to shallots; grown in the South of France

rogatons   leftovers   : slang for the leftovers of a meal.

rognon   kidney  

rognon blanc   : white meat from the testicle.

romaine   : lettuce with long, crispy leaves.

romarin   rosemary  

ronce   blackberry bush   : wild, with thorns. The briar patch.

rondelle   : thin, round slice (such as thin slices of cucumber).

roquette   arugula   : Eruca sativa, a Mediterranean region plant used in salads. Known in French as Roquette, and in English as Rocket salad or Arugula.

rosseau   pandora, red   : larger than sea bream (dorade) and less delicate flavor; also called "pageot"

rotengle   red-eye   : also called gardon rouge, or rud; (freshwater)

rôti   roast   : meat roast; "rôti de porc": pork roast; "rôti de dinde": turkey roast.

roti de filet de dinde   turkey roast   :
  - truffe noire d'hiver = winter black truffle

à rôtir   to roast  

rouget   red mullet   : small red fish used in Provencal cooking; also applies to goatfish or surmullet.

rouget de roche   red mullet   - a fish

rougette   : lettuce with small reddish leaves, popular in Provence.

rouille   : Provencal spicy red sauce (literally "rust"); like a garlic "aîoli" sauce with chilli pepper.

roulade   : stuffed meat or fish, rolled and sliced.

roulé   rolled  

à roussir   to brown, singe   :


safran   saffron  

saignant   cooked rare   : More rare than à point but not as rare as bleu.

saint-pierre   : a flat fish

à saisir   to sear   : Begin the cooking by searing the outer surface hot and fast: put a small amount of oil in a pan, bring it up to a high temperature, put in the food, spread out, to quickly brown the surface, turn to brown the other side(s).

salade   lettuce  

salade de mesclun   : a salad of lettuce, dandelion, chicory, watercress, herbs and rocket

salade mixte   : lettuce and tomato salad

salade niçoise   : a salad of lettuce, tomatoes, olives, anchovies, tuna fish, bell peppers, hard-boiled eggs, etc.

salé   salted  

sansonnet   starling   : étourneau sansonnet = Sturnus vulgaris, common starling, a bird, and sometimes delicacy in Provencal and Corsican dishes.

sard   : a fish

sardine   sardine  

sarrasin   buckwheat  

sarriette   savory  

saucisse aux herbes ou au chou   : meat-vegetable/herb fresh sausage

saucisson d'Arles   : dry sausage

sauge   sage  

saumon   salmon   - a fish

saumuré   pickled  

saveur   flavor   : (arôme = aroma; goût = taste; parfum = flavor of ice cream;

scarole   endive  

seiche   cuttle-fish  

sel   salt  

sel de céleri   celery salt  

sel, poivre   salt, pepper  

sel, poivre blanc   salt, white pepper  

semence   : seed (that you sow)

serpolet   wild thyme  

socca   : Nice-Toulon chick-pea-flour pancake [Socca de Nice]

sorbet   sherbert  

soufre   sulphur  

soupe   soup  

spaghetti   spaghetti  

spigol   : a spice similar to safran

steak   steak  

steak - bavette   : minute steak; the top or skirt of beef

steak - entrecôte   : beef ribsteak; cut from the front ribs and wing-end ribs

steak - faux-filet   : sirloin steak

steak - filet   : tenderloin steak

steak - filet mignon   : the small choice end of tenderloin of beef (or of veal or pork)

steak - pavé   : A thick piece of prime grilled steak

steak haché   ground beef  

steak haché   minced beef  

steak tartare   : finely ground, raw lean beef mixed with raw egg yolk and garnished with chopped onion, capers and parsley.

stockfish   haddock   - a fish

suce-miel d'Allauch   : honey paste

sucre   sugar   :


tamis   sieve  

tarte   pie  

taureau de Camargue   : beef from the Camargue [Camargue]

telline   : shellfish

terrine   : varnished earthenware jar

thé   tea  

thon   tuna   - a fish

thon blanc   white tuna   : a tied bouquet of herbs: dill (2 sprigs); laurel (1 leaf); parsley (1 sprig)

thon rouge   tunny   - a fish

thym   thyme   : - wild thyme is serpolet

tisane   infusion   : an infusion of herbal tea

tomate   tomato   : [Tomate farci]

tomme   : moulded raw cheese

tomme d'Arles   : moulded raw cheese

tourte   pie, covered  

tourton   : vegetable pie, without pastry

à tronçonner   to cut up   : (into sections or lengths)

truffe   truffle   : [Truffles - Searching for the Black Diamond]
  - truffe noire d'hiver = winter black truffle

turbot   turbot   - a fish :


unilatéral   : one-sided (saumon à l'unilatéral = salmon grilled only on one side)

usé   worn   : red wine that has faded in quality because of age.


vapeur   steam  

veau   veal   : calf's meat

vermicelles   vermicelli  

verveine   vervain  

viand   meat  

viande en dés   meat chunks   :
  - figue de Tarascon

vierge   virgin   :
  - huile d'olive vierge = pure cold-pressed olive oil

vieux   old, aged  

vin   wine  

vin blanc   white wine   : a tied bouquet of herbs: dill (2 sprigs); laurel (1 leaf); parsley (1 sprig)

vin blanc sec   dry white wine  

vin rouge   red wine  

vinaigre   vinegar  

violet   : shellfish

violette de Tourette   : candied flower


yaourt   yogurt   :


zeste   peel   : peel (of lemon, orange)

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