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Pâtes au Pistou Recipe

Provencal French cuisine

Pasta (pâtes) with garlic-basil (pistou) sauce is light dish, with nuts from the pin parasol giving it a distinctive Provencal texture. You can, of course, vary the amount of garlic to your taste.

Put the pasta on to cook after the sauce is done, so you aren't rushed.

Try different pastas, such as fettuccine verdi.

Serves: 4 (pasta only; see also Pistou Sauce Recipe.)


400 g spaghetti
olive oil [huile d'olive]

pistou sauce
salt, pepper [sel, poivre]

1. When the pasta is done, drain it and put it back in the pot. Put salt, pepper and the pistou sauce on the pasta and mix it in. Sprinkle on the rest of the parmesan and serve.

Conversions 30 g = 1 oz = 2 Tbs   180 g = 6 oz = 3/4 cup  
1 kg = 2.2 lbs 1 lt = 1.06 qt  60 g = 2 oz = 1/4 cup 225 g = 8 oz = 1 cup
0.45 kg = 1 lb   0.95 lt = 1 qt 115 g = 4 oz = 1/2 cup   450 g = 16 oz = 1 pint

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