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Saint Bauzille-de-Montmel

• Hérault (34160)   • Population: 742  • Altitude: 112 m

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Saint Bauzille-de-Montmel is a tiny village in an area of vineyards and hills between Montpellier and Nîmes.

This is an OK little place, but of no particular interest for visitors. It lacks the most important feature we look for in a village: a good terrace café. There's no terrace, but Saint Bauzille-de-Montmel does have a café, and a gas pump [Photo-04].

While wandering the village and taking photographs we had a conversation with a local gentleman who was truly mystified by what we were doing. "But what are you finding to photograph?", he kept repeating. "There's nothing here to see!"

Well, he was pretty much right, but not completely. The village church has a nice steeple with tall, peaked roof and a 17th-century bell [Photo-01]. And the old weighbridge in the center is picturesque [Photo-05].

Saint Bauzille-de-Montmel commerce consists of a small "general store" (Le Petit Marché) with groceries and newspapers [Photo-03], and a local boulangerie.

History of Saint Bauzille-de-Montmel

Prehistoric: Saint Bauzille-de-Montmel is located in an area of thickly forested hills, with many little peaks and narrow valleys that were an ideal environment for prehistoric man.

Neolithic grottos that had signs of habitation or burial sites were located at the Déserteurs, Grotte des Hyènes, Mas Martin (2 km north), Les Favassas, Mas du Greffier (3 km west), Les Druides, Pic Saint-Léon, Serre Ploumat, Liquière de Favas, L'Allemand, and Escalans.

Tombs were discovered at La Nicole (1 km northeast), Serre Ploumat, Saint-Léon-Sud, Saint-Germain, Closades de Favas, Liquière de Favas and Serre de Cane (1 km southeast).

A protohistoric oppidum was located ant St-Léon and there was protohistoric habitation at Favas (2 km east).

Gallo-Roman: A Roman villa was located at Saint-Germain (2 km north). Two small bridges that may have been Roman are at La Bénovie and Conques (north).


• GPS: 43.769831, 3.956069


IGN (1/25,000) #2842 O "Sommières"

IGN (1/25,000) #2742 ET "Ganges, St-Martin-de-Londres, Pic St-Loup"

There's a mixture of vineyards, hills and thick woods here. No marked hiking trails, but with the local IGN maps (2842 O and 2742 ET) we followed forestry roads and tracks through the hills north and west of the village. The ruins of an ancient monatary, the Monastère des Mourgues, is located just 1 km to the north.

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