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• Gard (30260)   • Population: 2,309  • Altitude: 78 m

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Quissac is a small town north and west of Montpellier and Nîmes, in a setting of wooded hills and river valleys, and has a popular Wednesday market. The town is spread out with extensive habitation, but there is a small part of the Medieval old town remaining. • Market day Wed.

Quissac's main café on market day Quissac is a market town drawing people in from all the surrounding villages every Wednesday. The wide Ave des Cévennes and the whole length of the main Ave du Onze Novembre is packed with market stalls all the way down to the center in front of the old (Mairie).

The terrace café here [our photo], Chez Loule was packed solid on an April morning, well before the summer rush.

Weir and rapids on the Vidourle Quissac sits on the Vidourle, a long fleuve, or river that empties into the sea. The Vidourle begins in the Cévennes north of St Hippolyte-du-Fort, passes by Sauve before arriving at this multi-arched bridge at Quissac.

About 18 km south of Quissac the Vidourle passes beneath an existing Roman bridge at Sommières, and continues another 40 km to empty into the Mediterranean at Le Grau-du-Roi.

Quissac has been a crossroads town through Gallo-Roman and Medieval times. An original river ford (gué) was replaced by a bridge somewhere back in the mists of time. The oldest written records of the Quissac bridge are from the Middle Ages. The bridge was destroyed by flooding several times. The current bridge dates from a reconstructed and enlarged version in 1780, but with modifications following more recent flood damage.

History of Quissac


First record, Quintiacum was the original Roman name for Quissac, derived from Quintius and Acum, meaning the domain of Quintius.

Gallo-Roman: The Roman road between Nîmes and Rodez (about 200 km) passed through Quissac (Quintiacum) before crossing the Cévennes at Larzac.

Another, north-south, route between Montpellier and Alès also passed through Quissac, making this an important crossroads site.


Market day: Wed.


Hiking signpost by the Quissac bridge

• GPS: 43.908288, 4.000355


IGN (1/25,000) #2842 O "Sommières"

The GR63 (Grande Randonnée) hiking trail passes through Quissac. You can go east on the GR63, via Uzès and the Pont du Gard, to Avignon (about 80 km).

Northwest from Quissac the GR63 goes past Sauve and up into the mountains of the Cévennes.

Quissac has low, forested hills all around, some stretching into the Cévennes, and most with well-marked PR (Petite Randonnée) hiking trails. There are at least a dozen loop hikes in the range of 10-20 km.


We've eaten lunch in Quissac a couple of times (most recently in April 2017), and haven't found a place we would want to go back to. For dining, we suggest driving 5 km up the road to Sauve, where there's a choice of good restaurants.


The well maintained cycling path at


A 7-km pave cycling path runs along the old railway line between Sauve and Quissac. This is part of the V85 Voie Verte (Greenway) route between Le Vigan and Quissac. South of Quissac, the greenway cycling route is unpaved but continues all the way to Sommières.

You'll notice from the sign [our photo] that the greenway path is shared between cyclists, walkers and sometimes horseback riders.

Transportation Quissac

Department 30, Gard Buses

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