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Quissac Photo Gallery

  •  Quissac photo quissac0049b.jpg

    1/17. Clock and bell tower of the Quissac town hall (Mairie)

  •  Quissac photo quissac0059b.jpg

    2/17. Multi-arched bridge across the Vidourle at Quissac

  •  Quissac photo quissac0063b.jpg

    3/17. Weir and rapids on the Vidourle just belown the Quissac bridge

  •  Quissac photo quissac0052b.jpg

    4/17. Quissac's main café on market day, Place Mourier across from the town hall

  •  Quissac photo quissac0053b.jpg

    5/17. Rue du Pont in the center of Quissac, going down towards the river

  •  Quissac photo quissac0093b.jpg

    6/17. Quissac town church with its simple tower, in the Medieval old town

  •  Quissac photo quissac0080b.jpg

    7/17. Cobblestoned Rue de Viele leading into Quissac old town from the river

  •  Quissac photo quissac0091b.jpg

    8/17. Narrow streets in the old town of Quissac

  •  Quissac photo quissac0111b.jpg

    9/17. A narrow street and hidden dwellings in the old town of Quissac

  •  Quissac photo quissac0088b.jpg

    10/17. There are long vaulted passages in the old village of Quissac

  •  Quissac photo quissac0087b.jpg

    11/17. Ancient iron water pump in Quissac, with an iron bird perched

  •  Quissac photo quissac0054b.jpg

    12/17. Flower plant seller by the end of the bridge in Quissac, with a flood marker behind

  •  Quissac photo quissac0068b.jpg

    13/17. Quissac flood markings, top ones about 4 m (12 feet) high

  •  Quissac photo quissac0116b.jpg

    14/17. Quissac town's old railway station, with no more railroad tracks

  •  Quissac photo quissac0100b.jpg

    15/17. Narrow stone lane leading to the river and the site of Quissac's old lavoir site

  •  Quissac photo quissac0057b.jpg

    16/17. Hiking signpost by the Quissac bridge, marking distances to nearby villages and sites

  •  Quissac photo quissac0122b.jpg

    17/17. The well maintained cycling path at Quissac, also for walkers and horseback riders

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