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• Alpes-Maritimes (06420)   • Population: 576  • Altitude: 873 m Isola 2000: 2000 m

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The village of Isola dates back to before the 11th century, and was ruled by the Lords of Faucon de Glandevès until the 13th century.

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History of Isola


First record, 11th century Lieusola

An isolated Romanesque bellfry and the ruins of the Saint-Pierre church date to the 12th century.

The village church is 17th century.

The Isola 2000 ski station was created in 1971.


Lac de Tavel, still snow covered in May.

• GPS: 44.186135, 7.049847


IGN (1/25,000) #3640 ET "Haute Tinée 2, Isola 2000"

Hiking from Isola village is excellent. The mountains to the west, south and east are all forested, and full of well-marked hiking trails. A disadvantage is that, with Isola being beside the Tinée river, all hikes begin with long uphill climbs. The counter-advantage, though, is the return trip is downhill.

There are good hiking trails between Isola village and Isola 2000.

From Isola 2000 (2020 m) north and east, hiking trails go over the ridges (2400-2800 m) into Italy, and there's a region of lakes to the northeast.

Southeast from Isola 2000, a trail goes over the Col Mercière (2342 m) and into the Mercantour National Park. This trail passes near the Lad de Tavels and continues southeast to the popular Col de Salese, with trails there to Lac Negre or the Le Boreon area north of St Martin Vésubie.

Transportation Isola

Bus Line 750 Nice - Isola 2000

  • 90 km (about 2h30)
  • Cost (one-way): Some buses are standard, 1 euro;
           some are 100% Neige, 4 € reserved online (; 5 € sans reservation, space permitting.
  • Departs Nice Vauban (then Gare SNCF, Airport term-1, term-2):
  • 7h20, daily, 100% Neige
    9h45, daily
    11h00, weekends Feb-Mar, 100% Neige
    13h00, sat, 100% Neige
    16h30, daily except Fri
    17h30, Fri
  • Return departs Isola 2000 Les Hameaux (then : Isola 2000 Station, Village
  • 7h50, daily
    9h20, weekends Feb-Mar, 100% Neige
    12h50, sat, 100% Neige
    14h50, daily
    16h50, daily, 100% Neige

The Nice - Isola 2000 standard bus stops are: Nice Vauban, Gare SNCF, Magnan/Promenade, Carras/Promenade, Airport Terminal 2, Airport Terminal 1, Robini, Colomars Gare, St Martin-du-Var, Pont Charles Albert (RN 202), Plan-du-Var, Le Chaudan, La Courbaise, La Tour-sur-Tinée (gare), Roussillon, Pont-de-Clans, Bancairon, Marie (gare), La Bolinette, Rimplas (gare embranchement), St Sauveur (village), Pont de Paule, Isola Village, La Génisserie, HLM Ecole, Isola 2000 station, Les Hameaux.

The Nice - Isola 2000 10% Neige bus stops are: Nice Vauban, Gare SNCF, Airport Terminal 2, Airport Terminal 1, Robini, Colomars Gare, Plan-du-Var, La Tour-sur-Tinée (gare), St Sauveur (village), Isola 2000 station, Les Hameaux.
An official list of Alpes-Maritimes bus lines, with links to the schedules for each line (PDF), is available on the following link:
Line 750 schedule link (PDF):

  • Web:
  • Note - Bus stops are along the valley and can be a fair distance from the villages. The Clans bus stop is 6 km by road (3 km hiking) from the perched village.
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