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• Alpes-de-Haute-Provence (04240)   • Population: 644  • Altitude: 1425 m

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Allos is a small mountain village popular in the winter for skiing and winter sports, and in the summer for hiking. Allos is located about 130 km northwest of Nice (by road), and is the farthest of the four main ski stations in the Southern Alpes.

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Ski Station Val d'Allos

The Val d'Allos ski station alititude is from 1400 to 2675 m. The main ski areas are Le Seignus and La Foux d'Allos, interconnected with the Pra Loup ski area.

La Foux d'Allos skiing

80 pistes (180 km)
16 green; 25 blue; 34 red; 5 black

La Foux d'Allos 51 Ski Lifts

3 cabin lifts; 14 chair lifts; 32 ski-tows; 1 cable-car; 1 telecabine (gondola)

Le Seignus skiing

15 pistes (50 km)
2 green; 4 blue; 5 red; 4 black

Le Seignus 11 Ski Lifts

3 chair lifts; 7 ski-tows; 1 telecabine (gondola)


History of Allos

Prehistoric: Prehistoric as well and antiquity remains have been discovered in and around Allos.

Gallo-Roman: Allos village was the capital village of the Gaulois people called the Gallitoe, and was a fortified site from at least the Roman era.

Medieval: Allos was owned by the Counts of Provence until the end of the 14th century, and then was part of Savoy until the 18th century. A medieval necropole, with tombs beneath flat stones and pottery were discovered at Notre-Dame-de-Valvert

More Recently: Fire has been a constant danger for mountain towns, and Allos suffered serious fires in 1640, 1749, 1764 and 1833.


• GPS: 44.240779, 6.628857


IGN (1/25,000) #3540 O "Allos"

IGN (1/25,000) #3540 ET "Haute Vallée du Var, Gorges de Daluis, Mercantour"

There is fabulous hiking in the mountains all around Allos. With the summer/winter resort accommodation here, it's a great place to be based for a few days of mountain hiking.

A favorite hiking destination here is the Allos Lake (Lac d Allos), about 7 km east of Allos. There's a good hiking trail in to the lake, and a well-used little road (summer only) in to a parking area about one km before the lake. The hotel-refuge at the lake has a large deck with terrace tables and a magnificent view, but the view is even better from the surrounding mountains.

Trails into the mountains northeast from Lac d'Allos go past little alpine lakes.

The Lac d'Allos is also accessible by hiking in from the east. The D2202 road north from Guillaumes (near Valberg), past St Martin-d'Etraunes and Etraunes to the Col de la Cayolle passes just 3 km east of the lake. The village of Estenc is just south, near the Refuge-Auberge de la Cantonnière (1871 m altitude). The trail west from the refuge-auberge goes over the Pas du Lausson (2602 m). If you start at the Col de la Cayolle (2326 m), the trail goes southwest over the Col de la Petite Cayolle (2639 m), but we don't know about parking at the Col de la Cayolle.


Stage 17 of the 2015 cycling Tour de France Cycling passed through Allos village and La Foux d'Allos.

Transportation Allos

Nice-Allos Bus

There is a bus between the Nice airport and the Val d'Allos ski station, but it's not a regular service (by demand only) and takes 3 hours.


The drive from Nice to Allos is 130 km, about 2 hours 10 minutes. The route is north on the D6202 (the old N202) from near the airport (direction Digne-les-Bains). North past St Martin-du-Var and Plan-de-Var.
At the junction with the Tinée Valley, stay on the D6202, northwest, via Touet-sur-Var, Puget-Théniers and Entrevaux. Continue on the D908 to Annot, past Thorame-Haute and Colmars to Allos village.

Val d'Allos ski station is 3 km past Allos village.

La Foux-d'Allos ski station is 8 km past Allos village.

Another driving route (from the coast) is following the Route Napoleon, past Grasse to Castellane (1 hour), then north along the shore of the Lac de Castillon to Saint André-des-Alpes. From St André, the road continues north along the beautiful Upper Verdon River all the way, and with the picturesque Train des Pignes running alongside the river for the first part.

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