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• Alpes-de-Haute-Provence (04240)   • Population: 1,053  • Altitude: 680 m

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Annot is on the Vaire river, on route D908 just off the RN 202, 15 km west of Entrevaux.

If you arrive by the Train des Pignes, it's a 10-minute walk down the road to the town. If you arrive by road, take a walk up to the train station for a look around. The station here has a small café-restaurant, and has some picnic hikes you can take. This is also the terminus for the steam train during the summer season.

Although this is a large town, it's high enough to have a distinctive mountain air. The Vaire river flows through the center of town, beneath a multi-arched stone bridge. The northwest side of town is overlooked by cliffs, with exposed rocks amidst thick pine forests.

There are several terrace cafés, with plenty of huge, shady plane trees. Saturday is the Foire, with mainly low-cost clothing, and Tuesday is market day (see Markets.)


The grés (in Grés d'Annot) is a sedimentary sandstone rock created about 60 million years ago when this area was under the sea. Grains of sand were pressed together under intense pressure and cemented together by a natural silicon or calcium cement. The sandstone cliffs were exposed by several million years of glacial and fluvial erosion.


• GPS: 43.96585, 6.667554

A 3-hour loop hike marked Grés d'Annot begins at the train station. You start by crossing the tracks to the north of the station. The trail goes through shady woods and forests and, at one point, follows around the side of a sandstone (grés) cliff that dominates the Vaire river valley. Total elevation change for the hike is 350 m.


Stage 17 of the 2015 cycling Tour de France passed through Annot.


For the winter time, a ski de fond site is indicated only 10 km out of town (west across the stone bridge).

Transportation Annot

Bus Nice - Gap

  • There are two buses a day between Nice and Gap, with the route Nice - Digne-les-Bains - Sisteron, and Sisteron - Gap.
    Northbound: Nice 7h00, Digne 10h10, Sisteron 11h00, Gap 11h45.
          Nice 14h50, Digne 17h40, Sisteron 18h45, Gap 19h40.
    Southbound: Gap 8h05, Sisteron 9h10, Digne 9h50, Nice 12h40
          Gap 15h28, Sisteron 16h30, Digne 17h25, Nice 2030
    The Nice - Gap bus route is: Nice, Plan-du-Var, Touet-sur-Var, Puget-Thenier, Entreveaux, Annot-Scaffarel, Rouaine, Saint Julien, St André-les-Alpes, Moriez, Barreme, Norante, Chateau-Redon, Digne-les-Bains, Mallemoisson, Malijai, Chateau-Arnoux, Volonne, Peipin, Bons Enfants, Sisteron, Le Poet, Rourebeau, Beynon, Valenty, Monetier-Allemont, Le Vivas, La Saulce, Tallard, Chateauvieux, La Tourronde, Gap.
    The route and schedule is available on the SCAL-Autocars website (link below); select Nice / Gap and click on one symbol to view the route map, click on the other symbol for the schedule. (Schedule link
    At Nice, the bus terminal is at 16 ave des Diables Bleus (Tramway stop Palais des Expositions)
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