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La Bruguière

• Gard (30580)   • Population: 316  • Altitude: 312 m

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La Bruguière is a small Medieval village on low hill amidst low lying fields of vineyards, sunflowers and grain. The villge is big enough for an interesting walkabout, with vaulted passages, old walls and houses.
There are three ancient lavoirs in the village, two of them covered, a church with a tall steeple and a tall, round clock tower.
No village café, no commerce.

The tall, round clock tower in La Bruguière is 12th century, with a small campanile pretty-much hidden on the top, once guarded a feudal castle here.


We found tw very nice, covered lavoirs in La Bruguière, and one ancient open-air lavoir.

La Bruguière covered lavoir across from A nicely-restored, covered lavoir is located close to the center of the village, just south of the main village green (near the mairie) and opposite the wine cooperative.

The 19th-century "Longamon" lavoir is at the westStone ern edge of the village, on the road towards Frigoule. Just as you leave the village you'll pass a covered well set back on the right side of the road; this was the source for the lavoir. Then, along the left-hand side of the road is an aboveground canal made up of a series of narrow abreuvoirs (drink troughs) leading to the lavoir. The lavoir structure and interior are intact, but there's no longer any water, and it's becoming run-down inside.

Old covered well and open lavoir A third village lavoir in La Bruguière is the Mas Mathon lavoir, just barely outside the village to the southwest. This is supposed to be a group of three elements, a covered well 7 meters deep, an abreuvoir (drinking trough) and a lavoir. The covered well is obvious, but we couldn't tell if the adjacent element was the avreuvoir or the lavoir.


• GPS: 44.108604, 4.414937


IGN (1/25,000) #2940 OT "Bagnols-sur-Cèze, Pont-St-Exprit, Forets de Valbonne et"

"Garrigues et Concluses Autour de Lussan", map+info (1:30'000)

There are a few day-hike loops from La Bruguière village, all shown on the Garrigues et Concluses Autour de Lussan map. The parts nearest the village are more country-lane walks, but then get into the garrigue and woods further away.

These village (west to east) are connected by a series of short loop-hike trails, with about 3 km between each village: La Bruguière, Fontarèches, St Laurent-la-Vernède, La Bastide-d Engras, Pougnadoresse

• An 11-km loop north of the village begins westward on the road towards Frigoule (past the Longamon lavoir) and west through the woods to a spot called La Gare. The trail then goes north 1 km, turns east along the far side of the ridge and loops back to the hamlet of Le Moulin. From there it's just under 2 km southwest back to La Bruguière.

• A 7-11 km loop south departs the village south-southwest, pat the Mas Mathon and south into the low, wooded hills, then east to a site called Les Bois de La Bruguière and Le Pré du Baron. Then the trail returns north. When it nears the village, you can follow a road directly back (7 km option) or loop a bit eastward through Fontarèches (11 km option).

• A shorter, southwest loop (5 km, 1h50) is country lane and garrigue track, that's a good way to visit the Longamon lavoir (refer to our La Bruguière Hike Map).

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