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Saint Quentin-la-Potèrie

• Gard (30700)   • Population: 2,958  • Altitude: 115 m

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Saint Quentin-la-Potèrie is an ancient village with long, narrow streets, colorful Provençal buildings, medieval doorways and, in fitting with the name, boutiques and workshops for many local potters.
Located in an expanse of forests and garrigue just northeast of Uzès, St Quentin is renowned in the area for its Friday-morning market. • Market day Fri, Tue.

There are cafés, butchers, bakers, pharmacies and other shops in the village, many near the main market square. Restaurants and teashops are located in the nearby village streets. Fresh, local produce is available at the Friday market (see below), and there's a very large grocery store (supermarket) in the center.

The St-Quentin post office is located out at the east end of town, on the Avenue Leon Pintard. There's a handy parking lot just across the street from the post office.

Window and wall design in Saint While the pottery shops and workshops are the main attraction in St-Quentin-la-Potèrie, the medieval streets of the village are nicely decorated in bright Provençal colors, with some interesting sculptural designs on the walls. There are many 19th century doorways and other ancient features to discover. Details we found attractive are the building corners recessed at the bottom to facilitate turning in the narrow streets

Pottery - Ceramics

Clay Couple in Saint Quentin-la There are 23 pottery workshops (ateliers céramiques) listed by the The St-Quentin-la-Poterie Culturel Office, including porcelaine, sculptures, varnished and enameled sandstone (grès), raku and faïence. You can get a list of these worshops from the tourst office (at the village or online), or just wander the streets of the village and view the great variety in the display windows along the way.

Pottery lessons are available all year for adults and kids at the Atelier Terre in the center of the village. You can find more information on this Cultural Office webpage.

Professional pottery training is available from the CFA - Centre de Formation 'Apprentis des Métiers des Arts Céramiques. This organization uses small classes and stages to train the students for diplomas in the métier de la céramique. More information is on the CFA - Métiers Céramiques website.

Friday Market

A market pottery stand in Saint The Friday morning market of St Quentin-la-Potèrie is very popular in the area. So much so that in the summer parking is difficult if you get here too late in the day. The market is renowned for the very fresh produce and fruit as well as local terroir items such as honey, olives and of course a bit of pottery.

The Friday St Quentin-la-Potèrie market isn't as big as the nearby Saturday Uzès market, but is still very popular with locals and visitors. Since the summer of 2012, Beyond has become a frequent shopper at the St Quentin market.

Lavoir (Washhouse)

St Quentin-la-Potèrie lavoir reduced The Saint Quentin-la-Potèrie lavoir (washhouse) has been reduced from its original 19th-century structure that was a center of village social life (at least for the washer women) to one third of a building now used also as a communal garage.

The lavoir is located in the parking area across the street southwest of the main market square. Although modernized in outward appearance, the Saint Quentin-la-Potèrie lavoir is one up on many other village lavoirs: it's still in active use.

Roman Millstones Quarry

An ancient quarry where the Romans chizelled out millstones is located in the hills just 4 km north of the center of Saint Quentin-la-Potèrie. We have more information and some photos on our Roman Millstones St-Quentin-la-Potèrie (Carrieres de Meules Romain) page.

Favorite Sons

A Joseph Monier cement company ad Joseph Monier (1823-1906) is considered as the inventor of ferro-cement and reinforced concrete (béton armé). He was born here in St Quentin-la-Potèrie, and one of the village houses has its front-window displaying information about him and his invention.


Market day: Fri, Tue.


Shepherd with his dogs and flock

• GPS: 44.046327, 4.441209


IGN (1/25,000) #2941 OT "Uzès"

"Collines et Vignobles autour d'Uzès", map+info (1:30'000)

The Bois de Saint-Quentin is a low forested ridge (about 250 m altitude) that runs east-west, 4 km north of St-Quentin village. There are numerous "petite randonnée" marked hiking trails in this area, including some that connect to the surrounding villages, including Gaujac, with its Oppidum and Roman ruins, 12 km to the NE.

Several short walks-hikes are shown on the "Collines et Vignobles" map, listed above. One route goes to Les Carrieres de Meules (3 km north) where the Romans excavated and chiseled their mill wheels.

The area surrounding the village is mostly farmland, with grain crops, and many large vineyards, and some the the hiking routes follow the small roads across these fields. There are also a lot of olive groves scattered about, and we found a few truffle plantations in the nearby woods. On a January was we met this shepherd with is flock and three sheepdogs.


This is a handy location for cycling in the greater Uzès area, with the valley of the Cèze to the north and the Gardon to the south. It's 19 km to the famous Pont du Gard.


Mediterranean Pottery Museum - Musée de la Poterie Méditerranéenne

Located in an ancient oil mill, sharing the courtyard entrance with the Gallery Terra Viva.

Location: 14, rue de la Fontaine Maison de la Terre; Entrance inside a courtyard.

Open: Feb-May 14h-18h; June 10h-13h, 15h-19h; July-Aug 10h-13h, 15h-19h; Sept 10-12, 14h-18h; Oct 14h-18h; Nov-Jan: wed-sun 14h-18h except school days.

Closed: Sun, Mon

Entry: 3 €; free for under 12.

Tel: 0466 036 586

Transportation Saint Quentin-la-Potèrie

Bus E52: Nîmes, Uzes, St Quentin-la-Poterie

Department 30, Gard Buses

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