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• Gard (30580)   • Population: 492  • Altitude: 300 m

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Lussan is a well-restored Medieval village perched on a low hill, marked by a prominent 15th-century castle with four classic round towers.
Dominating a flat farming valley, the village and its chateau has a great view out across the countryside, and make a picturesque image when approaching from the east.
Lussan is located half way between Alès and Bagnols-sur-Cèze, and 19 km north of Uzès.
Plus Beaux Village logo Lussan is one of the Most Beautiful Villages (Plus Beaux Villages) of France.

Lussan's ancient chateau is completely restored, and serves today as the village mairie (town hall) as well as a small museum and sometimes art gallery. Among the items on permanent display inside are a 3rd-century Gallo-Roman statue that was found in a nearby Gallo-Roman temple.

19th-century fountain and ballance-handle Just outside the walls on the east side of the village is a 19th-century fountain with a tall pump structure with a long balance-handle. This was built to pump water up from a spring for an animal drinking tough (abreuver).
The population of Lussan is almost completely contained within the compact, Medieval houses perched on top of the hill. There are no modern housing projects; just small farms and an occasional villa scattered across the surrounding fields. One of the old farms just below the village has been converted into a nice-looking gite.

Shepherd with flock and dog in A street, Rue tour des Remparts, circles around the outer walls of the village, offering a great view out across the countryside. From here we got a (long-range) photo of a shepherd with his flock in the fields below the village.

La Petite Auberge de Lussan, on The center of the village is the Place des Marronniers, a long, elevated site shaded by the namesake chestnut trees. Apart from being the location of village events and petanque playing, vaulted passages open off of here, and there's a good café-auberge at the north end.


• GPS: 44.153789, 4.366745


IGN (1/25,000) #2940 OT "Bagnols-sur-Cèze, Pont-St-Exprit, Forets de Valbonne et"

"Garrigues et Concluses Autour de Lussan", map+info (1:30'000)

There are a few local loop-hikes available from the village of Lussan, most on forestry tracks and some on small roads; use the "Autour de Lussan" info-map as a guide.

A 9.9 km loop east from the village goes past Les Hauts d'Audabiac and a parking/picnic area at Les Pins.

A north and northeast loop of 11.3 km (3h20) goes to the Concluses, a group of deep ravines and chalk cliffs, with a good lookout point. A short side trail will take you to the tall menhir called the Pierre Plantée.

Starting at the little village of La Lèque, 5 km north of Lussan, there's a 10.5 km (3h) loop eastward, past the Combe de Ruph, with a stone formation, and the tall menhir Pierre Plantée.

A 3.6 km hike south (one way) goes to the village of Vallérargues.

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