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Woodland Pink

Dianthus sylvestris     Fr: Oeillet sauvage

 Pink, Woodland photo pink-woodland0002b.jpg

Our photos were taken at 1600 m on a hike above Col de Turini at the end of July. The clumps of tall, very slender stalks, 60 cm high, branched. Th flowerheads (bracts) were 25 mm long, and the petals 15mm diameter.

Flowers. June-Aug

Altitude. 1000-2800 m

Flower. 1 or 2 flowers on a stalk; 15-25 mm dia. Sometimes slightly fragrant.

Leaves. Long and very thin, grass-like basal leave, 1 mm wide.

Habitat. Rocky mountainous areas.


Dianthus carthusianorum subsp. vaginatus
Eng: Clusterhead Pink; Fr: Oeillet des Chartreux
20-50 cm; Flowers 18-20 mm; 4-6 flowers in group at top.
Alt: 2500 m max.

Dianthus sylvestris
Eng: Woodland Pink, Stone Pink; Fr: Oeillet sauvage
10-40 cm; Flowers 1-4, often just 1.

Dianthus pavonius
Eng: Peacock-Eye Pink; Fr: Oeillet oeil de paon
3-15 cm; Throat of petals bluish; underside of petals whitish
Alt: 1600-2500 m

Dianthus ameria
Eng: Ameria Pink; Fr: Oeillet améria
low; Flowers 8-15 mm

Silene acaulis
Very low, dense cushion, looking somewhat like moss with the pink flowers protruding.
Alt: 1600-3700 m

Dianthus glacialis
Eng: Alpin Pink; Fr: Oeillet des glaciers
2-6 cm; Single flower on stalk; Flowers: redish ring; Tube to 15 mm

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