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Clusterhead Pink

Dianthus carthusianorum     Fr: Oeillet des Chartreux

 Pink, Clusterhead photo pink-clusterhead0021b.jpg

Our photos were taken at the end of July, about 1600 m altitude in the Alpes-Maritimes, hiking above the Col de Turini.

Flowers. June-Aug

Altitude. 1000-2800 m

Flower. 1 or 2 flowers on a stalk; 15-25 mm dia. Sometimes slightly fragrant.

Leaves. Long and very thin, grass-like basal leave, 1 mm wide.

Habitat. Rocky mountainous areas.


Dianthus carthusianorum subsp. vaginatus
Eng: Clusterhead Pink; Fr: Oeillet des Chartreux
20-50 cm; Flowers 18-20 mm; 4-6 flowers in group at top.
Alt: 2500 m max.

Dianthus sylvestris
Eng: Woodland Pink, Stone Pink; Fr: Oeillet sauvage
10-40 cm; Flowers 1-4, often just 1.

Dianthus pavonius
Eng: Peacock-Eye Pink; Fr: Oeillet oeil de paon
3-15 cm; Throat of petals bluish; underside of petals whitish
Alt: 1600-2500 m

Dianthus ameria
Eng: Ameria Pink; Fr: Oeillet améria
low; Flowers 8-15 mm

Silene acaulis
Very low, dense cushion, looking somewhat like moss with the pink flowers protruding.
Alt: 1600-3700 m

Dianthus glacialis
Eng: Alpin Pink; Fr: Oeillet des glaciers
2-6 cm; Single flower on stalk; Flowers: redish ring; Tube to 15 mm

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