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Hollow Corydale

Corydalis cava     Fr: Corydale à bulbe creux

 Corydale, Hollow photo corydalis031b.jpg

This appears as a purple cluster on top of a tall reddish stalk. A member of the poppy family, the Corydalis is similar to the Fumitory. Our photo was taken at about 1100 m altitude in the Alpes-Maritimes.

Comments. We've guessed at the common (English) name for this flower. Andrei Samartsev from the Bonch-Bruyevich University in St. Petersburg, Russia has provided some good help, including two excellent references (Mary's Gardens and Warp Zone. Mary's Gardens lists the Religious name as OurLady's Hens.

Flowers. Mar-May

Flower. The flower is a purple tube, about 40 mm long, balanced from the center. The inside is white, with some orange spots.

Leaves. Narrow and deeply lobed.

Habitat. Leafy forests, damp forests and river banks, vineyards.

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