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• Lot (46240)   • Population: 109  • Altitude: 406 m

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Lamothe-Cassel village is nice, but very, very small. The village houses are mostly nice, old stone, and well maintained in excellent condition.

There's no commerce of any kind, and especially not a café. There are just a few houses in the village and people obviously live there, but we didn't see anyone on our early-morning arrival.

The current village "center" is the site of the original Murat. The village church has a 15th-century bell. The church of Puycalvel, 2 km southeast, is 14th century.

History of Lamothe-Cassel

The commune of Lamothe-Cassel was formed by joining the two previous communes of Murat and Puycalvel. In the 17th century, the lord of Puycalvel was Clermont de Toucheboeuf.


• GPS: 44.612226, 1.505796


IGN (1/25,000) #2138 OT "Cahors NE, Vallee Lot-Cele"

The petite randonnée (PR) hiking trail goes out of village along a forest path. The 3-hour loop hike follows paths, forest roads and country lanes, some hard surface, some not. There's lots of shade, very welcome in August.

Path-road often follows alongside small river-valleys: flat valleys used for hay, maybe 100m wide, with tiny stream down the center, and signs of the wet-weather banks along the wide, outer edges of the valleys.

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