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• Lot (46240)   • Population: 64  • Altitude: 320 m

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Beaumat is a very tiny village in the Lot department, north of Cahors, and isolated in rolling farming country of that area. Under 70 inhabitants, including the hamlets of Cassagnoles, La Croix Blanche and Galoubet.

Beyond visited Beaumat twice, during hiking excursions from the nearby village of Frayssinet. Beaumat has a collection of stone houses, including farm houses, and some classical examples of the region's pigeonniers, dating from the 17th century. (In the photo above, the square tower with the steep roof is a pigeonnier.)

The Romanesque church is nicely restored, with an enclosed belfry.

History of Beaumat

The tiny village of Beaumat has been here since at least the 12th century, when there was a priory here, from the chapter in Cahors.

Beaumat is a synonym of Beaulieu, or belle maison. In the 14th century it was listed as Baumatum. The village was completely destroyed during the Hunded Years War (1337 - 1453).


• GPS: 44.659749, 1.519313


IGN (1/25,000) #2137 O "Labastide-Murat"

This is farming country with rolling hills, but there are some PR (Petite Randonée) hiking trails with clearly marked in yellow and with direction signs at the junctions. The trails are mostly off-road, following little paths along the edge of fields and through woods. The local IGN map doesn't include trails, but we easily followed an excellent loop hike between Frayssinet village and Beaumat. Hiking sign posts also indicate Carmelly, La Garroustiere, Vaillac, La Croix Blanche and Galoubet.



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