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• Lot (46000)   • Population: 21,432  • Altitude: 128 m

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Cahors is a large town, located on the Lot river in the Lot (46) department. The town fills a narrow north-south oxbow of the Lot, linked by bridges to the world west, south and east of the town.

Cahors today is a large market town and main shopping site for the surrounding area. The town's main street, Boulevard Léon Gambetta running north-south through Cahors is the main shopping street. Stores, shops and boutiques of all kinds line the street; there are cafés and restaurants apleanty.

The old town is an area of ancient, narrow streets just to the east of Bvd Gambetta. Further away to the west is the gare SNCF (railway station) and the famous Pont Valentré. Northwest of the center, across the river, is the modern-day's version of shopping areas, with the large "hypermarchés".

Pont Valentré

This famous bridge (photo, above) was built in the beginning of the 14th century, but got its "modern" fortified aspect in 1879 when it was rebuilt, with the three defensive towers.

Favorite Sons

Samuel Beckett stayed in Cahors, probably in 1939, after leaving Paris to wander through province while the Germans advanced on Paris.

History of Cahors

Called Divona Cadurcorum before the Romans took over from the Gauls (the Cadurques), meaning Divine town of the Cadurques. Transformed to Cadurca and eventually to Cahors.

Gallo-Roman: Cahors was the capitol of the Cadurques, a Gaulish people who resided in Quercy, an ancient (pre-1790) province of France that now corresponds to the general area around Cahors corresponding to the departments of Lot, the northern half of Tarn-et-Garonne, and a bit of Dordogne and Aveyron.

Cahors was a major Gallo-Roman town, with a bridge across the Lot, aqueducts and luxury villas, thermal baths, temples and a large theatre.


• GPS: 44.469629, 1.441466


IGN (1/25,000) #2138 OT "Cahors NE, Vallee Lot-Cele"

IGN (1/25,000) #2139 O "Cahors SE"


The wine of Cahors is a principle product of the area, and has been for a very, very long time. Area vineyards were created in 50 BC, and the wine was exported to Rome during era of the Roman Empire.

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