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GR51 Route

Length (Menton to Marseille): 508 km    Hightest altitude: 970 m

This eastern section, between Menton and Auribeau, west of Grasse is about 120 km.
Disclamer: the distances are obtained with a straight-ruler and the IGN maps, with a lot of fudging and estimating.

Time, Speed, Distance. We have no accurate way to measure the distance covered, but we are recording our times for each section. We hike at a fair rate (for healthy but aging hikers), but take time for enjoying the view and taking photographs along the way. We exclude only the time for a lunch break; everything else is "on the clock". Our own hiking times coincide pretty well with the section times marked on trail signs.

km km tot From To Time    Map   
4 4 Menton Jct GR52-GR51 2h00 A
10 14 Jct GR52-GR51 Castellar
Sainte Agnes
3 17 Sainte Agnes Gorbio 1h00 A
6 23 Gorbio Mont Gros
Col de Guerre (jct GR51B)
8 31 Col de Guerre Drap   A
4 35 Drap Tourrette-Levens   A
3 38 Tourrette-Levens Aspremont   A
4 42 Aspremont Colomars   A
4 46 Colomars Gattiéres   A, (B)
4 50 Gattiéres Saint Jeannet   (A), B, C
7 57 Saint Jeannet #139 Pas de l'Escalier (NE of Col de Vence)   B, (C)
6 63 #139 Pas de l'Escalier #69 (South of Col de Vence)   B
4 67 #69 Saint Barnabé   B, (C)
8 75 Saint Barnabé Courmes 1h50 (B), C
3 78 Courmes Bramafan   B, C
3 81 Bramafan Gourdon   (B), C
11 92 Gourdon Grasse tennis (Roquevignon)   C
7 97 Grasse tennis (Roquevignon) Grasse   D
10 107 Grasse Le Tignet jct D2562   D
9 116 Le Tignet jct D2562 Auribeau-sur-Siagne   D
9 125 Auribeau-sur-Siagne Le Grand Duc (jct D92)   D

Maps key (in parenthese if only part of the leg is on that map):

  • A - 3742 OT (Nice - Menton)
  • B - 3642 ET (Vallée de l'Estéron)
  • C - 3643 ET (Cannes - Grasse)
  • D - 3543 ET (Haute Siagne)

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