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Le Tignet

• Alpes-Maritimes (06530)   • Population: 1,945  • Altitude: 325 m

Le Tignet is a very tiny village along the small D13 road from Grasse to St. Cézaire (the bulk of the population live in outlying houses). A group of old (and some refurbished) village houses sit above the road, beside the church. A large olive orchard along the back of the village adds a pleasent touch, and the forested hill behind rises up to 680 m.

village photo To the south, Le Tignet has a fantastic view, including the Lac St. Cassien and the coast at Cannes where you can see the Iles des Lérins islands.

There's no commerce at all in Le Tignet, and no post office. Local shopping is available just over 1 km up the road at Spéracèdes, or directly below the village on the D2562 Grasse-Draguignan road (at Val-de-Tignet or Peymeinade).


History of Le Tignet


First record, 13th century Castrum de Antinieto

Gallo-Roman: The Oppidum du Castellaras (Roman fortified hilltop), now in ruins, is located just to the west of the village, overlooking the road to St. Cézaire as well as the lands to the south. This was the location of the original village, Castrum de Antinieto.
Note: This Oppidum du Castellaras is very small, and nothing to do with the larger one of the same name to the north, near Thorenc. Castellaras is a very common name in the region. There is the Tumuls de la Grau beside the road between Le Tignet and St Cezaire. A more interesting tumulus and ruins are located 2 km northwest of Le Tignet, 3 km northeast of St Cezaire, in the "Bois d'Amon" woods. The GR51 hiking trail goes very close.

Also nearby, Gallo-Roman and Roman artifacts have been discovered, including a 4th-century bust and collections of Roman coins and Byzantine coins.


Jan (Mid) - Fête communale
June (Beg) - Fête patronale


• GPS: 43.639762, 6.845935


IGN (1/25,000) #3543 ET "Haute Siagne"

Didier Richard (1/50,000) #26 "Pay d'Azur"

Le Tignet is part of a very built-up area stretching west out of Grasse along the road to St. Cézaire-sur-Siagne. The Grande Randonnée trail GR51 - Balcony of the Cote d'Azur actually circles around Le Tignet. From the northeast, the trail arrives via Gourdon and Cabris, passing along the hill above Le Tignet, circles around to western side of the Oppidum du Castellaras hill, and passes along the road south of the village on its way to Auribeau.

From different places along the GR51, other trails branch out to the Tanneron in the south, St. Vallier and the Plateau de Caussols in the north, and the Gorges de la Siagne and St. Cézair to the west.

Transportation Le Tignet


There is a taxi service from the village, Tel: (33) 493 66 30 88

Grasse - St Cézaire Bus (Sillage, line 33)

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