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Scale 1:50,000 maps are a good compromise. Detail is acceptable and you don't need to carry too many maps for the whole hike. We like the Didier Richard (1:50,000), below, but we no longer find them everywhere.

  • #26, Pays d'Azur shows the trail from Menton past Cannes to Le Muy.
  • #25, Maures Haute-Pays Varois shows from Le Muy/Cogolin to Pierrefeu/ Hyères.
  • #24, Collines Provençales shows the western part, between Toulon and Marseilles.

We like the 1:25,000 map detail, but you would need to carry over a dozen for the entire trail. If you want the detail, here are the 1:25,000 "blue" IGN maps required for the length of the GR51 trail, listed in order from east to west:

  •   •   3742 OT (Nice, Menton) (see our GR51 Route page for the first 4 map sections)
  •   •   3642 ET (Vallée de l'Estéron)
  •   •   3643 ET (Cannes, Grasse)
  •   •   3543 ET (Haute Siagne)
  •   •   3544 ET (Fréjus - St Raphael) La Napoule, Théoule-sur-Mer; across the Esterel, Col Notre-Dame, Col de Baladou, Mont Vinaigre; cross the autoroute by the Barrage de Malpasset; pass south of Bagnoles-en-Foret.
  •   •   3544 OT (Le Muy - Lorgues) Colle de Rouet forest, Le Muy, Roquebrune-sur-Argens; short loop east and south on the 3544 ET map; south east across the forests, including Col de Valdingard and near Vallaury.
  •   •   3545 OT (St Tropez - Ste Maxime) Grimaud, Cogolin; near Cavalaire-sur-Mer
  •   •   3445 OT (Cuers - Pierrefeu-du-Var - Collobrieres) northwest through the forests between Collobrieres and Pierrefeu-du-Var; past Puget-Ville
  •   •   3345 OT (Signes - Tourves) past Col de la Bigue, Bellgentier
  •   •   3346 OT (Toulon) Sollies-Ville, Le Revest-les-Eaux, Ollioules
  •   •   3245 ET (Aubagne - La Ciotat, Ste-Baume) pass between St Cyr-sur-Mer and La Cadiere-d'Azur, Cassis
  •   •   3145 E (Marseille) Cassis, les Calanques, to la Madrague southwest of Marseille.

The IGN also has a series of 1:100,000 maps for France. Two of these IGN "Topo 100" maps cover the Mediterranean coast from Marseille to Menton:

  • Top100 067 (Marseille-Carpentras) From Marseille (west) to Toulon (east).
  • Top100 068 (Toulon-Nice) From Toulon and on east to Nice.
  • Top100 061 (Nice-Barcelonnette) from Nice to Menton and the Italian border.

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