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GR51 Gorbio - Drap

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Part 2: Gorbio, Mont Gros, Col de Guerre, Laghet.

(Laghet to Drap coming soon.)

GR51 exit from Gorbio, westbound The GR51 exits Gorbio here (357 m), up the road that goes past the cemetery. The first half-hour of hiking is along a paved road.

About 15 minutes out the road/GR51 passes the Crois de Muratore (441 m). Side trails are marked for the Col des Cabanelles and the Col de la Madone.

Gorbio - Mont Gros

GR51 Col de la Coupière, half Col de la Coupière is about 30 minutes from Gorbio. The GR51 continues straight ahead here, past a barrier and along a forestry road.

A side trail up to the right along the little road goes to Baisse de Cabanelles (2h00) and Col de la Madone (2h45).

A GR51-diversion goes left here, following a paved road down to Roquebrune village (0h45).

About 20 minutes out on the dirt forestry road, the GR51 turns right (clearly marked) and starts up the side of Mont Gros, through the woods. The trail is finally very pretty.

GR51 water source on north slope Just a few minutes up, the woods trail arrives at a small park-like area, with a pond (for firefighting) and a handy water source for hikers (lower-left corner of our photo).

Past the water source, the GR51 goes up the hill on a stone-bordered path, to the left of the forestry road. Just one minute up the trail, the GR51 goes left at a small unmarked junction. We followed the right-hand branch for a few minutes but it went even further right (north) so we came back to the little junction for the left fork.

About a minute later, the GR51 makes a sharp right turn at another small unmarked junction. Here the left-hand branch goes to a nearby lookout point where there's (probably) a great view [below].

Foggy panorama from Mont Gros slope Even the simple wooden panorama panel had what seemed to be a high-tech, weather-sensing display since it showed the same blank-white display that the fog offered us.

Mont Gros GR51 junction This is the trail junction near the top of Mont Gros. The GR51 to the west turns sharp right here. Angling up to the left is a short (5 minute) trail up to the peak of Mont Gros; we didn't bother this time because of the thick fog.

A straight-ahead branch here is for the Tour du Mont Gros, a trail that circles the mountain. The trails here are all clearly marked.

Mont Gros - Laghet

GR51 Col de Mont Gros Starting down the GR51 west from the top of Mont Gros there's a nice aerial view of Monaco below; very fog-shrouded for us. Ten minutes or so below the top, the GR51 trail again joins a paved road. And just a few minutes up the road, the GR51 passes Col de Mont Gros (689 m) [our photo].

The westbound road/trail passes to the south of Mont Agel (1148 m). Along the road the GR51 passes the large Monaco transmitter site, and then the Monte-Carlo golf course. Five minutes past the corner of the golf course, the road bends left, across a bridge called the Pont des Demoiselles (768 m).

GR51 off the road and into About 5 minutes after Pont des Demoiselles and the GR51 turns right off the road, plunging down through the trees, starting a 20-minute section of real trail on its way to Col de Guerre.

Along the forest trail there's a great view of the coast, including Monaco and La Turbie, like our photo here, but without the fog.

Col de Guerre junction of GR51 The Col de Guerre (557 m) is a road junction and trail junction, with much more concrete than one would hope for a mountain "pass".

Crossing the road, to the area shown in our photo, the GR51 goes right (north) here, past the left end of a bank of post boxes, down the paved Chemin de Gayan. Alternately, turning left, a trail goes down to village of La Turbie.

After about 15 minutes north along a small paved road, the GR51 branches left, becoming a trail again, westward through the woods.

GR51 back onto the road at The small trail emerges too quickly from the woods at this area called La Gorra. The IGN map #3742OT shows a gîte here, but we saw no sign of one.

The paved road circles around to the south and, after a 10-minute walk to the end of the road, the GR51 becomes a woods trail again.

GR51 junction with PR trail to After a few minutes through the trees, the trail comes out on a barren wide valley and slopes up to this junction with a dirt forestry road, hiking signpost and overhead power lines.

The hiking signpost indicates straight ahead for Spraes, Sanctuaire de Laghet and Drap-GR51. It's true for Spraes and the GR51 towards Drap, but not for Laghet. For a side trip to Laghet hamlet/sanctuaire, turn left at the signpost and follow the road down the hill.

Laghet Sanctuaire PR

We deviated from the GR51 for a short side-trip down to the hamlet and sanctuary of Laghet. It's a quick 10-minute hike down to Laghet, for fresh water, visiting the convent/sanctuary, and the possibility of a mid-day meal and lodging.

For lodging at the Sanctuaire Notre-Dame de Laghet (all year):

Tel: 0492 415 050

PR trail south towards Laghet Turning left at the hiking signpost on the GR51 you quickly come to this road junction with a view of Laghet, and no trail marked.

PR trail steps down to Laghet Turn left at the road junction and almost immediately you'll see a stepped path going down to the hamlet.

There's a water fountain in the lower hamlet, just before you arrive at the convent. In the square in front of the convent, there's a water fountain for drinking water in a hidden nook in the far right corner.

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