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• Aude (11800)   • Population: 5,305  • Altitude: 94 m

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Trèbes is a small town just to the east of Carcassonne, who's main attraction is that it's on the Canal du Midi. The central part of the old town is actually positioned between the canal and the river Aude.
Trèbes is not a very attractive town for visitors, but it is practical. Apart from the port facilities for the boats of the Canal du Midi, there are cafés, restaurants and many small shops available. Even the canal facilities here are less of the "pretty" and more of the practical.

We explored the narrow streets of the old town, just to get a feel for the atmosphere of the place. This is a lived-in town more than a tourist attraction, 'though most of the habitation is in newer ares north of the canal.

The Aude river is not set up for river activities in this area, but there is a swimming pool and a campsite on the right bank, opposite the old town.

A walk out alongside the canal north of town is very pretty. There's a picturesque "canal-aqueduct", where the Canal du Midi crosses over the Orbiel river. An additional ten-minute walk along the canal will bring you to a small, stone, hump-back bridge crossing the canal (Pont de la Rode), where many of the canal-side cyclists like to stop for a photo op.


Apart from the small shops in the village center, there are two large supermarkts on the outskirts of Trèbes. An Intermarché shopping center is located 1 km to the east, on the D206 road towards the vilage of Rustiques.

A super U shopping center is located 1 km south of the village, on the D6113 highway. There's also a pharmacy in this area. [Trebes Commune Map]

Terrorist Attack Location

The tragic terrorist attack that occurred on Friday, 23 March 2018, was at the super U shopping center just south of the village. [Trebes Commune Map]

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